Ways to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is now among the top killer diseases in the world. Treating it can cost a fortune, but prevention costs so little. Here are easy and cost-effective ways to prevent cancer. Effective cancer prevention should be a daily routine.

Melatonin Function

Melatonin is naturally found in the human body and regulates the DNA cell growth and activity. Disruptions in the melatonin functions were found to be dangerous for human DNA, like rust is to steel. Anything that weakens or corrodes the DNA is known to put the body at risk to cancer. So, among the effective ways to prevent cancer is to enhance the function of melatonin. The easiest way is to keep the lights off when sleeping at night. Effective cancer prevention like this is also good for thwarting cancer in kids.

Watch the Radiation Exposure

Too much exposure to radiation from the sun and light emitting appliances can also be dangerous. The daily amounts of radiation from unprotected computers, cell phones, and even light or fluorescent bulbs may be small, but some experts say they can be a potential danger when accumulated over time. Thus, one of the ways to prevent cancer is to limit exposure to light emitting appliances and fixtures. An effective cancer prevention measure is also to stay away from the sun’s rays from past 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

Sedentary Life

Make it a habit to walk a lot and take the stairs as often as possible. People who sit all day in the office should take breaks and walk around for a few minutes. Better yet, they should climb stairs up and down for some rounds. The recommended minimum length for walking or daily exercise activity is 30 minutes. It is not necessary to do heavy workouts, although this is good for good health. For an effective cancer prevention activity, brisk walk regularly. This works up good breathing that supplies more oxygen to the body cells. Anything good at the cellular level is among the ways to prevent cancer.

Keep Out of Processed Food

Processed food like canned foods, junk food, and most fast food items contain chemical preservatives and food coloring. The processing itself sometimes alter food properties and make them carcinogenic. Thus, stick to a diet of fresh food as much as possible and eat home-cooked meals for ways to prevent cancer. Regularly eating out exposes people to many carcinogenic ingredients found in commercialized food.

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