Ways to Propose Marriage

Marriage proposal is the final moment when a man tries his luck on a woman. It is usually well prepared for because it often defines the future of a relationship. Some men are at a loss on how to start it. So here are ways to propose marriage to a would-be life partner.

The Classical Wedding Ring Present

Among timeless ways to propose marriage is to present the woman with a wedding ring as a gift. The first step here is a fine dining date in a posh and romantic restaurant. If possible, dinner is even accompanied with special soft music and tall glasses of champagne. After dinner and a short nice chat, the guy kneels in front of the woman and presents a small box with the ring inside. Then the man asks, “Will you marry me?” This has been proven an effective marriage proposal option. The ladies rarely can resist this charming moment.

Special Telegram

This is somewhat similar with the wedding ring present. The difference is that after dinner, a special social telegram is brought in by a telegram agent. The verbal or card message is accompanied by a bouquet of flowers, often the favorite of the woman involved. The message announces the marriage proposal. This is among the preferred ways to propose marriage today, being more affordable. The ring will come later during the wedding ritual. It is also considered among the effective marriage proposal practices.

Digital Message Bulletin Board

One of the fascinating and unforgettable ways to propose marriage is to have it announced in a giant digitized ad bulletin board. This electronic ad board is seen in public at busy avenue corners, suspended on a building facade, mounted on a wall, or free-standing. Arrange for an electronic message announcing the proposal to appear at a set time.

Then, invite the woman for a meeting at the precise spot. When the time comes, show her the bulletin announcement. The message may be in text form or verbally announced—even using the proposer’s voice. This is a surefire effective marriage proposal any woman will never forget.

Traditional Home Visit

If time-tested and respected ways to propose marriage are preferred, then try the traditional home visit. This aims to get the support of the girl’s parents and family, and her all-out trust. Besides, this is among the cheapest. All that needs to be done is to prepare meeting the family face to face and be subject to the family’s scrutiny. Anyway, this is a done thing—it’s a very effective marriage proposal alternative.

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