Ways to Remove Corns

Knowing the ways to remove corns is necessary so no problems arise. Generally speaking, corns rarely develop into something serious, but it is advisable to use the proper procedures just to be on the safe side.

Seeing a Podiatrist

A podiatrist is a medical specialist who can get rid of corns. The usual method is to use chemicals to burn it off. The main ingredient is usually acid. However the corn may also be taken out using a scalpel.

The scalpels used by podiatrists are specially made for this task. Do not use just any kind of scalpel. In fact this technique should not be tried by anyone except the podiatrist.

Another one of the ways to remove corns is surgery. This will be necessary if the corns are due to structural bone deficiencies. If the above-mentioned treatments don’t work, surgery will be performed. After surgery, the podiatrist may apply some skin ointment.

Self Treatment

In a lot of cases, corn can be taken out without medical
assistance. There are some over the counter skin ointments available today. Apply the ointment as indicated by the instructions. You can also use a patch with some salicylic acid. You can buy these products in drugstores.

Corns can appear if you wear ill fitting shoes. If that’s the problem, you just need to find more fitting ones. This is one of the easiest ways to remove corns.

While you don’t want the shoes to be too loose, your feet need some breathing space too. Your toes should have room in it. Buy shoe pads if there’s too much pressure on the feet.

Other Ways to Relieve the Pressure

Except for those caused by bone deficiencies, corn is produced by skin pressure. The best examples are tight shoes. By wearing one that fits, corn will not grow. Even existing corn often disappears once pressure is relieved. Relieving pressure isn’t limited to feet and shoes. If another body part produces corns, wear loose clothing.

Other ways to remove corns include herbal and alternative treatments. Papaya, licorice and lemon can be used. You just apply the fruit (or its juices) on the affected area. Some people also like to use ice. Dabbing ice on the affected part can help get rid of the corn.

Tips and Warnings

People with diabetes should consult a doctor if they get corns. If you take it out and it bleeds, complications might arise. You can also buy a callus remover to get rid of the corns. You need to wet your feet in lukewarm water before using the remover. Depending on the severity of the corns, you’ll need to scrape it quite a bit.

Other people like to use plaster and similar materials to eliminate corns. However it’s vital that you go after the root cause. Unless it’s fixed, the problem will just keep on repeating itself. Again, the key is removing the pressure.

Corns can be a source of irritation and discomfort if left untreated. But as shown here, there are plenty of ways to remove corns.

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