Wreath Making Instructions

Making a wreath can be fun and is fairly easy to do. You can get very inventive with your wreath creating your own original masterpiece. Once your wreath maintains the conventional circular base you are free to make additions to it that will set it apart from others. You can create a wreath that is natural or artificial or a nice combination of both elements. For the festive season, reds and greens are recommended to give it a Christmas feel, however experimenting with different color combination can still produce wonderful results. If you are a parent, involve your children in the process as this can be a great family activity.

Natural or Artificial

If you are not sure what type of wreath to make. Think about what you expect from your wreath. Do you want it to last for a short period or would you prefer if it could be re-used? Do you want it to have a rich natural smell or does the smell seem unimportant? Do you live near forested areas or do you live in the city? All of these considerations, once answered should give you a clearer idea of what is best for you. If you are still not sure, create two or more different types.

Materials for Making Your Wreath

When you’ve decided to make your wreath you will first need to choose the materials you will like to use. If you are creating a natural wreath you will likely use things found outdoors. Search the yard or nearby wooded areas for ferns, branches, flowers, pine cones and any other interesting objects you may find. Also try to get plants that are nice and green that will not wilt quickly. For an artificial wreath, a few store bought ornaments can be used. Try to get small sized objects that will not weigh down your wreath. Artificial garland makes a good covering for the base, however, you can use just about anything that can create a padded effect. Home-made ornaments can work just as nicely too. Hand-painted berries or even home-made bows will look very stylish on your wreath.

Choosing a Base

You can use a number of items to create your base. The most popular material that is used is wire which is easy to mold. Other materials include: Styrofoam, cardboard, foam and straw. Whichever base you choose to use, be sure you are able to manipulate it easily to make your wreath. In some instances, artificial garland that already has a wire support can act as a base by itself.

Basic Wreath Making

Making your wreath shouldn’t take too long. Create a workspace that is not cluttered and that allows you to separate the materials and tools that you will use. Shape your base by molding it if it is wire or cut it using kitchen scissors/knife if you are using Styrofoam or cardboard. Once you have shaped your circular base you can then place your leaves, ferns or artificial garland around the base and tie it with bits of wire for support. Repeat this process until your wreath is full and does not show any sign of the base beneath it. After this is done you can then attach your decorative items to it using hot glue, thread or small pieces of wire. Ensure that they are firm and not likely to fall off as a result of slight movement. After you have completed making your wreath, check to make sure it is stable enough to be hung.

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