Air Travel Tips

When traveling by air. There are certain restrictions and procedures that apply and certain precautions  that one should take so as to ensure a memorable traveling experience. Here are some air travel tips and air travel restrictions that one needs to be cognizant of.

What to And What Not to Have

Before you reach the airport, you need to be sure that you know the particular tips and restrictions of the airline on which you are traveling. This information is normally found on the airline’s website.

Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, tighter air travel restrictions have been developed. All airlines are mandating that no liquids be carried in one’s hand luggage, therefore one must pack all liquids in checked luggage. Also, bear in mind the weight limit on luggage and the amount of pieces that are allowed to be checked in. Again, pack accordingly. Always have basic medical and hygienic supplies; some tablets would be just fine – Panadol preferably. Hygienic supplies will come in handy if flights are delayed or canceled and going back home is not feasible.

Some items are prohibited from being brought on board an aircraft. You can find a comprehensive list of items at Ensure travel documents are in check: passports, visas, boarding passes and the like are ready and available for the opportune time. Luggage can no longer be locked – again for security purposes.

What to And What Not to Wear

Avoid bulky clothing. Leave excess jewelery at home. Wearing comfortable shoes is also a good air travel tip. A good airline dressing tip is to bear in mind the destination and dress for the weather conditions that are being experienced there.  If you have to second guess whether or not to wear something – do not wear it.

‘Wear loose clothing and shoes that you will able to put back on if your feet swell during flight. for light sleepers you may find it useful to brink a blow up pillow and eye mask (the latter sometimes handed out to passengers in flight) (

What to And What Not to Do

Always be on time and check ahead to confirm the flight status. Have a checklist to ensure you have all your bases covered before you leave for the airport. Eat a healthy meal before traveling. Being in the air may take a toll on the body and the food will be needed to help combat this. Also, airlines no longer offer full meals on flights, so a big meal before a long flight would be advisable. Always check what is in your luggage especially if you are delivering items for friends or relatives. This may save you a lot of money and embarrassment. Try not to over pack beyond weight restrictions. Over packing can be burdensome or expensive to get around the airport.

The author at, summarizes this concept perfectly….

So in summary, yes there is a lot that can go wrong with air travel, and it can be uncomfortable. However a little thought about travel restrictions, traveling light, and remembering that you may be after all on vacation should see you through to a wonderful airline traveling experience.

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