Travel Packing Tips

It is important that when you plan to travel that you adequately prepare. This is especially important for first time travelers to other countries who may not know about the many uncertainties that can arise when traveling abroad. These tips are also important for persons who make business trips and/or have to go to a number of different locations. These travel packing tips will help to keep things of importance safe and secure, and may provide some contingency in case of eventualities.

Travel packing tips for documents

It may be a good idea to scan a number of your important documents before you travel. Passports, passport photographs and tickets should be scanned and saved in your email account. Other documents that you deem as important may also be done in this way. So, if by chance you lose some essential items, you can still gain access to these documents.

Keep valuables separate

Many people have a habit of keeping all their valuables in one location. This is unwise, because if you lose the bag holding those items then you’re left helpless. Put your money, checks, bank cards and credit cards in different places. It is suggested that you keep some cash on you, and cards in wallets and handbags. This decreases the likelihood of you losing every thing at once. This will also enable you to save something for an emergency; for example, to cover taxi fare if your pick up doesn’t show.


Only pack the amount of clothes that you need to cut down on load. If you are going to be away for a long period, plan to wash those that you carry with you. For children bring dark rather than light colored clothing as they will get messy more easily and require you to travel heavier. Another excellent travel packing tip for clothes is that if a group of people are traveling together, they may want to try packing a few items belonging to each person in each others’ bag in case their luggage gets lost. Then the unfortunate traveler will have something to wear until the matter is sorted. It doesn’t have to be much, a few essential articles of clothing will suffice.

Travel Packing Tips for carry-on

This part of packing is vital. Many times travelers lose their luggage and they have to rely on their carry-on. Keep all medications in the carry on. Also include a change of clothes and toiletries, especially female travelers. Ensure that your travel and important documents are kept in this bag. As was mentioned before put some cash in the carry-on as well.

When packing backpacks try to put the items that are lighter at the bottom of the bag. Put the heavier items them at the top to make it lighter and less strenuous for you. This technique also allows you to move more quickly. Also for your backpacks ensure that you purchase those with larger straps. Smaller straps will result in shoulder pain.

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