Constant Headaches

Headaches are a common nuisance that affects people all over the world, and is normally associated with a feeling of discomfort around the neck, and head.

Constant headaches are continuous feelings of discomfort that, may or may not, be accompanied by symptoms, and can range from mild to severe. These headaches can sometimes be referred to as chronic headaches, and can last for hours, or days with episodic intensity.  For a constant headache to be considered as chronic, it usually has to last for over two weeks each month, for at least four months, and it has to be consistent. Constant headaches differ in individuals, and can be associated with varying causes. Whatever the cause may be, one should note, that constant headaches are occasionally signs of severe health problems, and should be checked out by a physician. Some constant headaches can be linked to:

  • Eating patterns
  • Stress
  • Migraine
  • Sinus Problems
  • Head Injury

Constant headaches that results from Eating Patterns

Many constant headaches that affect individuals have been linked to the way that they eat, some people get constant headaches from the bad habit of skipping meals. In others, it is due to an absence of essential nutrients in the body, as well as, the consumption of too much caffeine. Lack of hydration due to inadequate consumption of water can also lead to constant headaches. It is to be noted that some constant headaches have been linked to Aspartame, this is an artificial sweetener that is used a substitute for sugar in drinks and food, notably in coffee and sodas.

Constant headaches caused by stress

Stress is the most noticeable cause of constant headaches, this occurs when the body responds to demands negatively. Constant headaches due to stress can occur as a result of worries about; work changes, health problems, and loneliness, as well as alcohol and drug use, due to depression or a change in one’s lifestyle.

Constant Headaches due to Migraine

Migraines are often connected to unbearable constant headaches; these can last for hours or days at a time and they are usually accompanied by nausea and photo-phobia which is sensitivity to light. Constant headaches due to migraine can prevent individuals from carrying out chores or completing daily tasks, it usually worsens with sudden movements of the head. These types of constant headaches usually require medication as a preventive measure, or to aid in alleviating the pain.

Constant Headaches due to sinus problems

Sinus headaches are constant headaches due to sinusitis, this a condition in which the sinus becomes infected. These constant headaches range from four to eight weeks depending on its severity.

Constant Headaches due to head injury

An injury to the head may be the cause of constant headaches; this can sometimes be accompanied by dizziness. A combination of headaches and dizziness, is usually a sign that there is a disorder present. An individual that has noticed headaches after their head has experienced some sort of trauma should not take it lightly. Immediate medical assistance should be sought.

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