Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Until now, diabetes remains one of the most common health problems amongst numerous people worldwide. Common symptoms of this disease include rapid and significant weight loss, increased thirst as well as frequent urination. It is very important for patients to pay special attention to this condition as it can cause them significant amount of pain and suffering. Appropriate care through regular exercise and proper diet is necessary to prevent further complications like hypoglycemia, diabetic ketoacidosis and diabetic coma. To help manage the spread of this disease, it is highly important for everyone to learn the different ways to prevent diabetes.


Start by maintaining a healthy weight. One of the major causes of this disease, particularly the type 2 variant, is obesity. Overweight individuals have higher chances of acquiring this health problem than those with healthier weights. To maintain your health, you have to reduce excessive body fat and weight, especially those found in the middle parts of your body.

Next, you need to be aware of your family history. The onset of diabetes is increased particularly in individuals who belong to a family of diabetics. Likewise, Hispanics, African Americans and Native Americans have higher rates of acquiring the disease.

To prevent diabetes, it is very important to stay active physically. Exercising regularly can help a lot in improving blood flow and controlling weight, which are two important factors in preventing the disease. This actually helps, especially for all the individuals out there who have a family history of diabetes.

A balance diet is also very important. For this, you need to eat food with less sugar and low fat. In addition, you must also limit your intake of starches and glucose, which greatly contribute to the body’s inability to utilize or produce insulin.

For those who are ages 45 and up, regular checkup is important. Every 3 years, be sure to visit your doctor and get yourself checked for blood glucose levels. In case of obesity or in case you have a family history of this disease, regular checkup must be started at a much earlier age.

It is also very important to have regular monitoring of your blood pressure. Serious efforts must be made to maintain it. More than 73 percent of adults suffering from diabetes also have high blood pressure. Furthermore, do not forget to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Based on research, these types of food are rich in bioflavonoids, which inhibit glycation and stimulate insulin production.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

It is very important to take note of sugar-free foods and dietetics mainly because they have sorbitol. Based on a number of studies, diabetes-related complications are more likely to happen when cellular sorbitol accumulates inside the human body.

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