Earache Remedies

What causes an Earache?

The ear is usually considered as one of the most essential organs of the body. It responsible for balancing the body, as well as,  interpreting sounds. The ear may sometimes ache, this ache can be due to a number of factors. A common earache cause is the presence of bacteria inside the ear. The discomfort that is experienced with an earache is the ear’s way of telling us that it has been contaminated. This contamination is usually due to the accumulation of liquid and or compression in the middle section of the ear. Liquid in the ear is usually accumulated when one is swimming, taking a shower, or having an allergic reaction. Cleaning the ear with an object that it is not familiar with, a hair pin for example, can also cause contamination of the ear.

One of the most prevalent causes of an earache is a plugged ‘Eustachian’ tube. These tubes acts as a connection between the ear and the nose. In cases where the Eustachian tubes are clogged, it means that there is an accumulation of bacteria, as well as liquid; this is usually why an earache causes discomfort. If this discomfort is not attended to, then it may cause further damage, which usually results in hearing loss. It is therefore important to ensure that the Eustachian tube is not contaminated, and that the nasal passage is kept clean.

Earache Remedies

One of the most popular of the common earache remedies is the application of heat to the aching ear. The compression of a warm object such as a wash rag, held against the aching ear usually relieves the pain.

Another popular earache remedy, is the use of garlic. Garlic in itself is an antibiotic, it contains substances that are very effective in fighting germs. The insertion of garlic juice in the ear that is aching will remove the pain instantaneously.

The application of hydrogen peroxide into both ears can relieve an earache, as well as assist in the prevention of surplus earwax. The hydrogen peroxide should be left in the ears for an approximately two minutes, after which, it should be allowed to drain out.

Earaches that are caused by changes is pressure, during a flight for instance, can be stopped by chewing a gum, or sucking candy. What the chewing or sucking does, is to create a motion that activates previously deactivated muscles that sends air to the inner section of the ears.

Another way to stop an earache that is caused by pressure changes is  to simply relax the muscles of your cheek whilst your mouth is closed, then put one finger on one nostril and blow, do the same to the other nostril, continuously but not simultaneously, until the ache goes away.

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