Easy Ways to Get Great Abs

While these are easy ways to get great abs, you need to practice them regularly. Ideally it should be done five to six days a week, preferably at the same time (i.e., mornings).


Lie down the floor and cross your arms. Raise your knees up to your chest. Or you can put your hands behind the ears. Lift the shoulders up to your knees. Use only your abdominal muscles for this routine.

Lifting your back is not allowed; doing so will hinder your stomach development and might cause back injuries. Inhale when you begin the crunch and exhale when the movement ends.

Sit Ups

Another easy way to get great abs is via sit ups. Lie down and place your feet on the surface. Your fingers should be clasped together behind your head. Raise your body up and then lower it down. Repeat this 10 times in the beginning.

Keep adding to the repetitions as you get more comfortable. You can also add weighs to your chest to make it more challenging. Do not try this unless you are comfortable with the regular sit ups.

Leg Lifts

One way is to lift your leg while performing sit ups. Lift the right and then the left. The movement will be akin to riding a bike. An alternative is to lie flat and lift the legs straight up. Keep your legs straight as you raise it. Bring it down and repeat. While this is one of the easy ways to get great abs, it is very effective.

Jack Knife

Lie on the floor and place your hands on the surface. Lift your torso and the knees at the same time. Your face should be able to make contact with your knees. Hold it for a second and bring it back down. Repeat it. Try putting on weights between your feet when you are capable of it.

The Bicycle Routine

Lie on a flat surface and put your hands to your ears. Set your knees at a 45 degree angle. Start moving your legs as if you’re pedaling a bicycle. Keep doing this as long as you can. There’s no need to inhale and exhale. Breathing should be normal.

Other Easy Ways to Get Great Abs

Doing weight lifting exercises will also help your body develop the strength needed for regular workouts. You can also engage in some cardiovascular exercises like basketball and swimming.

At the same time you need to eat right. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit the amount of chocolates, candies and fried foods you eat. These are the things that end up as body fat.

Make sure your diet has plenty of fiber in it. Also you shouldn’t skip breakfast. By eating breakfast you won’t be tempted to take down a big lunch. Eating three meals a day is recommended. If you get hunger pangs, feast on some fruits and whole grains.

Although some may think that there are no easy ways to get great abs, the above-mentioned techniques show it isn’t the case. The important thing to remember is you need to be dedicated to it.

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