How to Become a Surgeon

Considered as one of the high rated professions in the world, being a surgeon requires diligence and hard work. Surgeons should be outstanding and have sufficient knowledge on the field of medicine, because the lives of some patients depend on their hands. In this regard, it is important that individuals who want to become surgeons should be patient, committed and dedicated. To know how to become a surgeon, it is important that individuals have ample understanding on the requirements and trainings that they should finish.


The initial step in becoming a surgeon is to finish a four-year degree course from a university. To have an advantage over other students who want to pursue a career in surgery, it is best to finish baccalaureate degrees in chemistry or biology. The second step is to graduate from a reputable medical school. Afterwards, future surgeons should finish a residency program. Programs may be six to eight years depending on the field a doctor wants to specialize. Aside from completing the residency program, a surgeon should have a medical license and should obtain board certifications.


High school students who want to become a surgeon should get high GPA in order for them to study in excellent and outstanding four-year universities. As soon as they enter college, some of the required courses that they must complete are organic chemistry and biology. To have ideas about the other required courses, undergraduate students can look at the book Medical School Admissions Requirements. Before finishing a four-year degree, it is important to take and pass the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).

To enroll in a medical school, students should pass several requirements like letters of recommendation and MCAT score. It is also necessary that they pass the entrance examination and an interview. As they enter the medical school, it is essential that they dedicate time to finish four years in the school. In addition, it is also necessary to pass three examinations to get a medical license.

After completing four years in a medical school, it is important to be admitted to a surgery residency program in a hospital. At this point of time, doctors should select a field of specialization since the number of residency years will depend on the specialty that they want to obtain. After finishing the residency program, a doctor is now eligible to take the board certification examination. Doctors who will pass the board certification exam are now considered as licensed or registered surgeons.

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