Fun Ways to Kiss

As that old song goes, “a kiss is just a kiss.” But sometimes, “just a kiss” isn’t enough, and one must exert a little creativity to spice up that time-honored romantic ritual. Coming up with fun ways to kiss makes each lip-locking moment special and memorable.

Set the morning off to a bright start by waking up one’s own sleeping princess with a kiss. Or how about serving her a special breakfast in bed, topped off with a serving of luscious kisses after each scrumptious bite?

A kiss in a shower is just as romantic as a kiss in the rain. Speaking of which, the next time a gloomy rain cloud decides to pour out all its sorrow, dash out into the downpour with a beloved and plant a literally wet kiss to defy the dreary drizzle with refreshing romance. Not that there’s anything wrong with kissing in the sun. In fact, who doesn’t love a good-old fashioned summer kiss on the beach, rolling on the sand as soothing sunshine beats down?

A kiss can make any boo-boo feel better. It would so brighten up someone’s mood after a bad day that it almost feels worth it to screw up. On the other hand, serve one up as a reward whenever a loved one does a household chore (especially if it’s one they hate), or in return for quitting a bad habit. That should be more than enough incentive for them to do better.

Popping an ice cube into one’s mouth to deliver a chilling blow to a lover’s lips is a literally cool and fun way to kiss. One may also sweeten the deal by kissing with a piece of chocolate in their mouth. Of course, one should always remember to brush their teeth after eating sweets. But if a couple wishes to keep the kisses coming, toothpaste-frothy lips and all, then by all means do so.

One can come up with many fun ways to kiss by making a game out of it. Watch cars passing by on the street, and then give a kiss for every time a car of a particular color drives by. Choose a particular word, and then kiss whenever it is heard in conversation, or on TV or the radio, or anywhere. Anything can be used as an excuse to smooch, whether it is changing traffic lights, the shape of the clouds or the brightest star in the sky.

They say parting is such sweet sorrow, but even a goodbye kiss can be fun. As the girl turns to go after that last kiss, she is suddenly pulled back for a second “last” kiss. Or perhaps more, if one has trouble letting go (literally in this case, it seems). And when lovers are temporarily parted from each other, they can listen to recordings of kissing sounds to while away the time until they are reunited to do the real thing. Or if they don’t mind wet computer monitors, they can set up the web cams and kiss over the Internet.

Kisses can be given for every reason and in every season. It’s an important part of being in love, and it should never ever feel routine. Dreaming up fun ways to kiss keeps things interesting, and perhaps a bit silly, but it most definitely keeps the passion for romance alive.

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