How to Tie a Neckerchief

A neckerchief can be of great help to people, especially those who are working outdoors. The harmful rays of the sun can cause innumerable diseases such as sunburn or skin cancer. At the same time, people can experience extreme discomfort, particularly those who are exposed too long under it. To protect your neck from these inconveniences, learn the basic steps on how to tie a neckerchief.

Quick and Simple Guide on How to Tie a Neckerchief

This particular task is really not that hard. All it takes is a little understanding and comprehension to follow these quick and simple steps. First, lay a nice clean handkerchief on a flat table or desk. Get one of its edges and then fold it using a diagonal motion. After doing this, the cloth will have two overlapping layers. It will also have a triangular appearance.

Locate the longest side of the triangle, which is primarily a connecting point between the two layers. Starting from here, slowly roll the cloth until the midway part of it. Position the neckerchief on your shoulders. Use it to cover the nape as well as the neck part. Get the two ends of the handkerchief and then use a small piece of string to bind them together. When there is no string available, any thread will do.

Get one end of the handkerchief. Overlap it on the other end and then tie a knot using both ends of the cloth. This particular step is very important because this will hold the neckerchief in place. Be sure that the knot is firmly tight even when pressure is applied. Likewise, the knot must not go off even when the user moves a lot. Use a square knot for this particular job. Enjoy basking under the warm and invigorating rays of the sun using your newly made neckerchief.

Additional Tips and Other Relevant Information

When going under the sun, be sure to wear the appropriate skin protection. The neckerchief can only cover small parts of the body. In order to be protected totally from sunburn, or even worse skin cancer, use sunscreen before going out in the sun. There are also different kinds of sunblock with tremendous amount of sun protection factor ranging from 50 to 75. Do not use the neckerchief as a primary defense against sunrays. Instead, use it to complement and support the use of sunscreen or sunblock.

The use of neckerchief has also been associated with numerous movements and groups. For instance, in the U.S., junior enlisted sailors use them as part of their uniform. More importantly, its use is widely connection to scouting movements all over the world, particularly for boy scouts and girl scouts.

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