Grilled shrimp Recipe

An interesting and delicious way to prepare shrimp is by grilling it. Nothing tastes as good as shrimp coming straight off the grill. Here is a grilled shrimp recipe and a few tips on how to grill shrimp:

Ingredients and tools needed

  • shrimp
  • gas or coal grill
  • powder seasoning
  • thongs
  • oil
  • vinegar
  • flavor for marinade

Choose the size and type of shrimp

First choose the kind of shrimp that you want to grill, whether in the shell or out of the shell. Some shrimp will cook easier than others, while other types of shrimp take a bit longer to finish cooking. To avoid this, it is best not use shrimps that will burn easily like the small and delicate ones.

Pre heat grill

Light the grill and turn it up to the highest heating point.

Make marinade sauce

Depending on what flavor marinade sauce you want the shrimp to have, you should combine the desired ingredients in a bowl. This marinade sauce will be used throughout the grilling process.

Prepare the shrimp for grilling

If the shrimp needs to be cleaned, please do so before applying any seasoning to it. In order to have great tasting grilled shrimps, it is best to add powdered seasoning both inside and out before putting it on the grill. The shrimps can also be dipped in the marinade sauce before or after applying the powdered seasoning. Depending on the type of shrimp, the bigger ones will be required to be marinated at least 10 minutes before grilling.

Grill shrimp

Before putting shrimps on the grill, lightly put some oil on the grill to prevent the shrimps from sticking to it. Place seasoned shrimp on the preheated grill to cook for about 3-7 minutes. Watch it constantly as shrimps cook very quickly and easily. The shrimps should only be flipped once.

Remove grilled shrimps

The shrimp is properly grilled if it appears opaque throughout just like grilled fish. If it flakes when touched with a fork or the fork goes through it easily, this means the shrimp is cooked. Once it seems opaque, remove shrimp from the grill and let it cool for a while before serving. Grilled shrimp can be served with any side dish or just eaten alone

Here are a few tips and warnings to consider when grilling shrimp.

Tips and Warnings

  • Ensure all the utensils needed are close by the grill. This will help to avoid mishaps and the fish getting burnt.
  • Have a bottle of water close by in the event that leakages from the fish cause a flare up on the grill. The water can be used to stop any flare up.

After following this grilledshrimprecipe, you will realize that grilling shrimp is not as hard as previously thought. You can now pass on this grilledshrimprecipe to your friends and family. Grilled shrimp is one that your family is sure to enjoy.

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