How Can I Find Out if Someone is Dead?

Today there are several ways you can find out if someone is dead. Outlined below are some of the methods you can use.

Social Security Death Index

The easiest method is to go online and check the Social Security Death Index website. You can use this resource to verify if that person has a death certificate or not.

Before doing a search, study the site first. The features of the sites will vary depending on the country. To make searching easier, try to get as much info about the person as possible.

Public Records

You can also try online public records or search in obituaries. If you are going to search online, some info about the person will be required. At the very least, you will need to know where the person resided.

Another good place to try would be a nationwide database. However, the sites will provide only limited information about the person. To obtain more details, you have to pay. The cost is about $50 in the US. The rates will vary in other countries.

Hire a Detective

Another way to find out if someone is dead is by hiring a private investigator. This will cost you money, but if you have very little info, this is a good option. Do some research before hiring the investigator.

You’ll have to pay some money, so make sure to get a good one. Provide the detective with as much info about the person as you can. The name, place and social number will be very helpful.

Other Ways

If you and that person have a mutual friend, you can contact that person and ask. Another way it to go to social networking sites. You can look for a mutual friend and make inquiries. These are also good places to get back in touch with long lost friends.

You may also use the Internet to look for the person’s family. You can ask them. Or you can talk with their landlord or neighbors. You can also ask their roommates if that person is still alive.


If you are going to ask that person’s friends or relatives, make your intentions clear. Be polite and tell them that you are an old friend. Tell them you want to get in touch with the person again.

In the past, trying to find out if someone is dead was time consuming. Today that is no longer the case. With the Internet and easily accessible public records, getting the facts has become easier to do.

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