Braid Fishing Line

Braid fishing lines were one the first types of fishing lines used by fishermen. The Braid fishing line is a strong, narrow thread-like yarn that is made up of a high concentration of fibers. These fibers form in a weave-like strand using man-made materials such Spectra or Dyneema, making braid fishing line the strongest fishing line available. Due to its structure and strength the braid fishing line is sometimes referred to a super line.

There are many properties of the braid fishing line that has attributed to its popularity; however there are also drawbacks in using it.

The advantages of using the braid fishing line

  • The braid fishing line is super strong which will make it unbreakable by fish.
  • It is abrasion resilient to sunlight, water, rock and reef, which would normally alter other fishing lines.
  • The braid fishing line is very small in diameter, enabling it fit to form a smaller reel and also giving it the ability to be thrown an extended distance when compared to other fishing lines.
  • It is very flexible and has no memory, this means it doesn’t curl.
  • The braid fishing line gives excellent bait recognition because it doesn’t stretch thus any pressure applied to the bait is felt at the rod.
  • The braid fishing line is light and floats when using top water baits.

The drawbacks of using the braid fishing line

  • The braid fishing line is very evident in water which makes it easily detected and sometimes alarm fishes. A monofilament can be placed at the top of the braid fishing line as a spearhead reducing its visibility.
  • Braid fishing lines are very expensive.
  • Ordinary knots cannot be used on braid fishing lines.
  • Due to its strength, sharpness and small diameter, the braid fishing line can become a hazard and cutting the line can be difficult.
  • Due to its zero stretch, shock leaders need to be used to limit stress on body when catching large fishes.

Using braid fishing line rather than other lines is dependent on the choice of the fisherman and the purpose. The braid fishing line is useful in almost all fishing situation, however its normal preference is its use in deep sea trolling.

Tips when using braid fishing lines

  • There are two knots that should be employed when connecting braid fishing lines to swivels, the uni-knot and the Palomar knots.
  • Make certain that a drag net is used as a support if a fish breaks loose of the hook from the mouth.
  • Ensure that a monofilament is used as a leader on braid fishing lines as using the line without the monofilament may scare the fishes away.
  • Make sure that the correct rod is used, since not all types are compatible with braid fishing lines.
  • Scissors should be used at all times to cut the line, as using clippers may not work and the line will cut through fingers if it is held too tightly.

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