How Can I Find Out if Someone is Married?

Whether you are dating someone and you want to find out if the person is already married, or you’re simply curious about the status of an old friend; there are several ways for you to find out is a person is already married or not.

You may also want to find out if someone is already married or not for legal purposes. At any rate, the answer to your question, How Can I Find Out If Someone Is Married, requires very basic steps that require little effort.

In a matter of minutes, a couple of hours or at most a week, you can already determine the status of any individual adult.

How Can I Find Out If Someone Is Married?

The simplest thing that you can do is to ask the person involved. You can inject your question during light conversations so the person won’t feel that you are being too inquisitive about his or her private affairs.

You may also ask friends around or people who may know the person. Again, you don’t want to appear like you’re snooping into the private affairs of the person so tact is of vital importance here.

Of course checking for a wedding band is also one way to find out if someone is married without having to ask any questions.

On the other hand, if asking the person is not an option available to you or finding out through people who know the person is also out of the question, there are still other ways for you to find out someone’s marital status.

Check Online Records

On the internet, there are websites that you can visit where you can find out about a person’s basic personal records such as addresses, current employment and marital status.

The easiest way is to check various social networking sites where the person may have an account. If the person’s profile page is open, there could be information there about his or her civil status.

There are also some websites where access to people’s personal records may be open. Simply key in the complete name of the person and you may instantly be given several entries that could provide you with the information you are looking for.

These are usually government sites that provide basic personal records of people in specific countries. These are public records so you don’t have to worry about breaking any laws.

Finally, search engines can hook you up with a few links that could also lead to the answer of your question. Simply type in the name of the person and include keywords such as married or marriage status.

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