How to Write an Online Dating Profile

Online dating refers is a dating system which allows persons to communicate via the internet, usually for the purpose of developing an intimate relationship. Members of these dating sites are typically required to provide personal information and photos of themselves so they can find other users that they are compatible with. However many online dating profiles are poorly put together and are not very effective as a result; here are a few pointers to make your profile interesting so more people will view it.
Aside from the compulsory boxes such as age, location, sex, etc. the other areas of your profile such as your username, headline, description and closing should be unique and specific so that it grabs and holds the attention of prospective dates within 3 seconds.

The Username

The username you use on an online dating site is more important than you think; it should be unique so that you are distinguished from other members but it should also be interesting and reflect who you are. For instance names such as “Goddess”, “Shy Girl” or “Diva” may cause people to assume things about your personality based on your username; so use a username that does reflect your character or a random name that is anonymous.

The Headline

The headline is the most important element of your profile; it is basically the first contact you will make with prospective partners and first impressions do last the longest. Your headline should not be lengthy but you want it to be something that will grab a person’s interest and make them click on it to learn more about you. A question or a quote from your favorite movie, or famous person you admire is a good way to start and you are more likely to attract a person with similar interests in this way as one will be more inclined to click on a link that reflects his/her own ideals.

The Description

The most common mistake you can make when it comes to writing the description is using a jumble of adjectives that really tells nothing about you; most people use terms like “fun-loving”, “adventurous”, “I like to read”, “I love the outdoors”, which makes you blend in with the crowd since these are the things everybody else says too. To make your description stand out, describe some of the activities you like and why you like it; for instance instead of writing “I love hiking”, write about the last time and the last place you went hiking, and what the trip was like.

The Closing

Finally, encourage the person reading your profile to contact you; the whole point of the ad is to grab a prospective partner’s attention and get them to respond to you immediately so invite them to respond and join up with you to take part in the activities in the description. If you follow the tips above you will not only increase the number of hits your profile gets but you are more likely to find someone who truly is compatible with you.

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