How Do I send Text Messages for free?

Text messaging has become a lifestyle. It is something that people from all over the world and from all walks of life are into. It is a key utility in the modern world. Unfortunately, it also comes with a cost.

If you are wondering: “how do I send text messages for free?”, well, you are reading the perfect article. We have not just an answer but answers to your question.

The telecommunications industry is charging a fair cost for a hundred and sixty characters. If you are one of those text messaging addict but do not want to pay much for it, what is your best resort? Yes, the Internet. But that’s not everything there is.

Via Internet

There are countless websites that offer free text messaging service. However, enjoying that kind of free service imposes some requirements. First, of course, you must have a computer. Next, you must have an Internet connection. Not having both would not make it possible for you to send SMS for a low price or no fee at all.

Online sites such as Chikka, Yakedi, GizmoSMS, Txt4Free, SMS Pup, Mobik, and SMS Fun all offers free text messaging service. You only have to log on to the site and see how you can avail of and enjoy that kind of freebie.

Via Email

Some cell service companies also offer e-mail to SMS gateways. This allows for text messages to be sent for free through an e-mail format. To enjoy this kind of service, you better check out your cell phone provider and learn about the email to SMS address format. As with Internet-based free text messaging services, email to SMS also requires that you have a computer connected to the Internet.

Via IM

Instant messaging is another useful communication tool. But wait, it is not only chatting that you can do with IM websites. You can also send free text messages for free through them. Most IM sites offer such a service to make it even more convenient for its users to reach out to the world. Usually, you have to follow a specific guideline to be able to send SMS messages to anyone who is anywhere in the world.

Via a Good Service Plan

Choosing a good service plan is a wise technique of enjoying free text messaging service. Cell service plans vie for market share. That’s why they offer premiums to their subscribers in order to attract more to sign up. A common come-on is offering an opportunity to send free text messages. It depends upon the plan so before you sign up, make sure that you are getting the most out of your cell service provider.

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