How to Deal with Error Loading Operating System

The operating system loading error is a problem that affects Windows XP computers. The following could be the reasons why it is happening.

BIOS Problems

Before an operating system is run, the BIOS setup will assess the hardware installed. After the error message, a black screen usually appears. This error can occur after Windows XP is installed.

There are many possible reasons why this happens. The most frequent reason is that there is a hardware malfunction. Usually the problem is the hard disk. The BIOS is having a problem reading or running the hard disk where Windows XP was installed.

How to Fix the Error

The best way to resolve the operating system loading error is through a BIOS update. The BIOS user guide should come with instructions on how to update it. The information could also be in the motherboard manual. If you don’t have the manual anymore, go to the manufacturer’s website. Look for info on how to perform the update.

Run the update and reboot the computer. If the error persists, get your hard disk user guide. Go to the BIOS setup and look for the hard disk settings. Enter the appropriate data you see in the user guide. Save the changes and reboot the system.

Fixing the Error in Dell Computers

If you’re running a Dell PC and the operating system loading error appears, try the following. Head to the left side of the screen and hit the F12 or F2 key. You’ll end up in the Boot Options or Setup screen. You may need to press F2 or F12 repeatedly to get to the BIOS screen.

The BIOS setup should have several menus. Go to the one for the hard disk. Check if your disk model is there. Correct any invalid information about the hard disk. Once everything is set properly, run a diagnostics test. Both the hard disk and memory will be checked for damages. If everything turns okay, reboot the system.

Using a Boot Disc

Another solution to the operating system loading error is using a boot disc. Insert the Windows CD and reboot. Press R. Type fixboot in the screen. Click yes when asked if you want to proceed. When the boot repair is finished, type exit. The computer should be fixed.

Tips and Warnings

Sometimes the operating system loading error disappears with a single reboot. If you don’t want to reinstall the system, use the Repair Install option. This option is usually the last resort.

It’s always a good idea to back up your files. Don’t wait until you see the error message before backing the documents. Most of the fixes suggested above will work. But if the hard disk has physical defects, it will break down sooner or later. Thus, it’s crucial that your files are backed up regularly.

If you don’t feel comfortable configuring the BIOS, call technical support or take the PC to the repair shop. This option is recommended for those with little computing experience.

The operating system loading error can be a baffling problem. But you shouldn’t panic. Try the abovementioned solutions first. More often than not it will fix the trouble.

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