How to Build a Bench

There is no big secret to learning how to build a bench. If you want one, you just have to gather the right tools and follow these directions.

Assembling the Tools and Materials

2 x 4 (6 ft); this will be used for the framing of the seat
1 x 6 (6 ft); you will need this for making the legs
1 x 12 (6 ft); this is for the topmost part of the bench
Plywood (3/4) or hardwood (4 x 4); also get some 2 x 8 plywood
Framing spikes (at least eight)
Screws (get some 1”, 2” and 3”; get ½ lb type)

The first step to learning how to build a bench is getting the dimensions right. Even when you have the sizes correct it is best if you have a surplus of plywood. Giving yourself an allowance makes it easier to work. If you are going to paint it, start this project in the summertime. Or do it in a place where it will be shielded from rain.

Making the Base

Get the 2 x 4 and cut some pieces about 47” x 2” x 9”. This is the frame. Put them in place using the framing spikes. Next take the ¼ plywood. Slice a rectangular shape (9’ x 50”). Make sure the measurement is correct. Use the nails to attach it to the frame. The 2” type nails will do just fine.

Take the 1 x 12 board and use the saw to make the topmost part. Those who know how to build a bench will fasten this with a 1” screw through the plywood nailer (the ¼ type). Let this project about ¾ of an inch both back and front. For the end it should be half an inch.

Creating the End Panels

Saw two pieces from the plywood measuring 11 x 17 each. This will be the end panel. Get some screws and fasten them into the 2 x 4. Next, cut some right triangles from the plywood (8”). Set them in place using the 2” screws.

To make the rails cut 50” from the 2 x 4. Place this in between the end panels. Station it about four inches from floor level. Fasten this with the 3” screws.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Now that you have learned how to build a bench, it’s time to add in the details. If there are holes in the openings, add some filler or sand. If you used teak, you probably don’t need to put any paint as it has a naturally polished look on its own. If you do plan on painting, remember to apply them in even layers. You can put in as many layers as you like but the more coating, the longer the drying time.

To avoid leaving marks on the floor, put pads beneath it. You can also put some fabrics on it for extra comfort. Once you are done, you can sit back and relax. When asked, just explain to them how easy it is to learn how to build a bench.

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