How to Build a Closet

If your room is cluttered, it’s about time to build a closet or expand it. Yes, you can buy one but there’s no need to. Creating or rebuilding one is easy enough to do.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood or metal
Tape measure
Wire cutter
Stud finder

Building from Scratch or Expanding

It is easier to add to your existing one. You just have to take out the old walls. If you are going to make it from the ground up, draw up a plan. Decide where it will be located and how large. If you have to pull out or relocate electrical outlets, fix them first. To build a closet effectively, good planning is a must.

At this stage you should decide how many shelves you want to add. Also consider if they will be of the horizontal or vertical type.


Determine the size of the materials you are going to use. This refers both to the general area and the pieces too. If you are going to cut the pieces yourself, measure and mark them. This will ensure everything will fit. If there isn’t enough space length wise, add shelves at the top. If your ceiling is high, this is a good option.

Using the Stud Finder

The studs will provide the support for your organizer. Use your stud finder to locate it. Usually it is around the middle of the wall. They can be either vertical or horizontal. The former is preferred as it is stronger. When you are ready to set the organizer, connect it to the stud. Another advantage is that you can make alterations as you build a closet. You can’t do that with a horizontal type.

Adding the Parts and Painting

Follow the design on your blueprint. Put in the shoe trays, the shelves, rails etc. Some like to use wood exclusively. Others prefer metal. You can add a little of both. If you are going to use wood though, you need to paint them. This isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. Applying paint helps prolong its life.


If you are making your shelves and trays, you can get as fancy as you like. The same with the metal and wood combo. You can mix and match them as you build a closet. Keep in mind that metal stud attachments are at an angle, so a short side box will be sufficient as shelving.

If you’re going to buy shelves, think of what you’ll put there. For clothing, light ones will be okay. Get heavier types if you’ll be storing dinnerware or larger things. Whether you buy or make them, secure them well.

Set the items neatly. If one section is for clothes, don’t put DVDs there. By keeping things in their proper location, they’ll be easier to find.

To some people it’s a place to stuff things you don’t need anymore. However you can use it to organize your possessions. After you build a closet, you can arrange your belongings and it will be easier to manage.

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