How to Build a Castle

Even if you’re not a king you can build a castle with no more difficulty than you would a house. The materials are very easy to get so that wouldn’t be a problem either.

What You’ll Need

Building material (you can use brick, sand, stone and metal)
Cutters (this is to shape the stones)

Note: the instructions here are for a large edifice. However the guide can also be used for smaller scale models.

Choosing the Location

This is very important. Ideally it should be in a wide open area. There should be trees and fresh air. A scenic view is also needed. Before you start constructing, make sure all the papers and permits are taken care of.

Making the Moat

Before you build a castle, you need to create the moat. This is optional of course. But most have this feature as it adds to the look. Begin by digging. If it is deep or large, using machinery will be essential. Once you have dug in deep, put in some concrete around the structure foundation. You can also add some stones.

Creating the Foundation

Pour a mixture of concrete and stones. Let it dry. Level them before proceeding. The same concrete / stone mix can be used for the courtyard. Only when they have hardened should you add the stones and other building blocks.

Putting the Stones in Place

To build a castle, set and align the stones properly. Put concrete and mortar in the gap between each. Small stones are easier to handle but bigger ones are stronger. Make sure that the stones overlap one another. This provides extra support for the entire structure.

At this point you should add the towers, windows and any additional structures. To make doors and windows you can make holes. Some like to use glass windows. You may add them now. The roof is usually made of wood or stone. Once all the stones are in place you can add in the other components.

Plumbing and Electricity

If you are going to live here, then plumbing and electricity should be part of your plans when you build a castle. Consult with an electrician to place the outlets and power chords in the right places. Hire the services of a plumber to go over the pertinent details.

Tips for Design

Look at several pictures of castles before making one. This will give you insights as to what type and style is best. Their styles changed through the years so study each one. If it is possible visit historical places that have these structures. This can give you additional insights. As the construction process begins, always refer to your blueprint. Having an expert engineer and / or architect is recommended.

With an expert any flaws in the construction process will be seen. Problems can then be averted. It is also a good idea to begin this project in the summertime. Bright sunny weather will go a long way towards making the work easier.

If you are tired of all the usual hotels and vacation spots, learning to build a castle is ideal. Yes it will take time but it will definitely be worth it.

Additional Information On Building A Castle

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