How to Build a Garage

There are several benefits when you build a garage. You get to park your vehicle in a safe place. It can also serve as storage for other tools and paraphernalia. To start off, get the following equipment.

Required Tools and Materials

Bolts and screws
Wood boards
Measuring tape
Concrete mix

Making a Blueprint

The first thing you must do is establish a layout. The work to be done depends on how much you have to construct. Work will be quicker and easier if you are just extending an area. It will take longer if it’s a total overhaul. When drawing, make sections. Use your pen to divide the areas into different parts. It becomes easier to build a garage when the blueprint is close at hand.

Creating the Foundation and the Support

Mark the floor shape with a tape measure. Get rid of any dirt or objects around the area. Dig a hole and pour in the concrete mix. Give it sufficient time to harden.

Use the measuring tape and cut the support beams. It would be better if you measure all the wood boards beforehand. Make as many support beams as you need. The distance between each should be no more than 20 inches.

Adding the Walls

Saw the walls section by section. If needed, have someone help you to set it into place. Make sure each one is set in the right spot. To build a garage wall, hammer and nail each one. Repeat the process for each wall section.

Putting on the Roof

Use the wood boards to cut it into the desired shape and size. Sheathing is necessary if plywood is the material you will use. There are other materials you can try, but plywood is best. Set in the insulation. The final step is to put the shingles in place. This will keep the roof from leaking.

Putting in the Doors and Windows

The last components to be added are the doors and windows. Cut them as you would the other pieces. Use a measuring tape so that the pieces will fit in. You should also have the knobs, hinges and other parts there already as you build a garage.


There are ways to paint. You can paint each piece before putting them in place. Or you can do the paint job after all the construction is finished.

Always wear a mask when painting. Keep the doors and windows open. When painting you need to have fresh air to drive away the smell and any chemical ingredients included in the mix.


Don’t clutter the place. As stated, assigning different sections will help keep it neat. The largest part will be for the car or other vehicles. If you want to put a few other things there like tools, reserve an area for it.

The most important thing to remember when you build a garage is how it can best serve you. Make it as convenient and practical as much as possible.

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