How to Build a Deck Box

If your room is cluttered with old toys or other items, you can build a deck box and better arrange your belongings. This is a very effective organizer and also easy to make.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood boards (any type will do)
Bolts and screws
Concrete mix
Saw (rounded type)
Nail kit
Measuring tape
Various wrenches
Ordinary knife

Make Measurements

This will help decide the number of wood boards you’ll need to buy. Look at the stuff around your home and see which need to be stored immediately. You’ll be able to guess how big the container must be. If you like you can make a sketch to help you build a deck box.

Make the Base

You can use concrete pads to create the foundation. Or you can use a thick wood board. After setting up the base, make the support posts. This can be any height or width. Cut some wood with the saw and align them to the base corners. Fasten them into place. Usually they are spaced 6 ft from each other. Four posts is the average. If you are making a long rectangular box, add as many as needed. Just make sure there is a post every six feet or so.

Make the Frames and Walls

Double check the measurements to make sure they’re right. Cut as many wood beams as needed for the front, back and sides. Use the screws or nails to join them together. Fasten the frames to the base as you continue to build a deck box.

Now you can make the walls. Cut all four sides. Fit them in the frames. Screw them tightly.

Finishing Touches

You can add a lid cover. Be sure that it is large enough to cover the entire container. You need to have hinges ready. Screw them in place as you would a door. To make it easier to lift add handles. Make a simple design (like the ones on a cup). Saw the wood and attach it to both ends of the container.


This can be any color you like. If you use wood, a stain job will be enough. If it’s for the kids, you can put in several colors. If you’re the creative type you can draw and paint on the surface. The only limit is your imagination when you build a deck box.


Wear a mask when you are painting. You should also wear gloves when using the saw. Goggles will also keep your eyes protected from splinters. Caution should also be exercised when hammering nails.

You can go to shops and look at the different designs there. To better organize your stuff, make compartments. After making the walls, you can put in boards to create compartments. They can be of equal length or not. It is up to you. You don’t have to screw them in; just slide them. It will make adjustments easier later on.

After you build a deck box, you can now put stuff there. While it is simple to make, it gives you a lot of flexibility.

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