How to Build a Bridge

In order to build a bridge a lot of planning is needed. As with any other major undertaking, the right equipment and materials will be necessary.

The Tools and Equipment


Decide What Bridge to Create

Before anything else decide on what type you are going to build. Planning is of the utmost importance with this kind of project. Is it going to be a suspension type? Or will it be the cable or beam kind? It is a good idea to consult an engineer who specializes in this work to ensure everything is in order.

Get the Paperwork Done

If you are going to build a bridge, consult with city and town officials. Have all your permit papers approved before starting on the project. Even if you are making a small one, this will be necessary.

Make a Blueprint

If you are the architect or engineer you can draw this up yourself. If not, consult with one. This will be necessary to ensure that what you want is feasible and doable. Inquire about location and any possible problems that can arise. You should inform the engineer of the equipment you will be using. Without the right machinery and material, work will slow down.

Laying the Foundation

Without a solid base the entire structure will collapse. So if you are going to build a bridge the foundation will be crucial. Excavate the chosen banks. Remove any dirt or excessive stones and rocks. Pour as much concrete as needed. Use a leveler to smoothen the mixture. Let this dry. Have some covers in hand in case of rain.

Installing the Supports and Deck

After the cement hardens set up the support. Make sure that the supports are aligned properly. Next you should make the deck. Usually it is made of concrete. You can also use aluminum. Others prefer to combine cement, stone and mortar. What is important is to choose materials that can withstand corrosion. Always follow the directions to ensure the best results.


The final step you should take when you build a bridge is paving. For safety reasons it is best to consult with city officials, particularly those involved in public works. They will supply you with the necessary equipment. Ideally you should make the arrangements with the local government unit at the onset of the project. You can use either government issued machinery or those commercially available.

Tips and Warnings

Safety is the biggest concern here so strict supervision is required. Apart from getting the right equipment only let qualified personnel work on the project. Scrimping on the budget is not recommended. Get only the highest quality material possible. If you settle for low quality material the structure will be subject to wear and tear. Again it must be emphasized that planning is of paramount importance.

Obviously, attempting to build a bridge requires a lot of time and effort. But if you are patient and persevering it can be done. Completed successfully this can serve a lot of people for many years.

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