How to Build a Fiberglass Box

One of the materials that are very useful in making exteriors, fiberglass is also used as a good reinforcing product for several polymer materials. Fiberglass is also helpful in improving the aesthetic value of offices and houses. A simple and easy project that anyone can do to add beauty to homes and office rooms is a fiberglass box. To know how to build a fiberglass box, it is essential to gather all the materials needed and follow the steps below.

Needed Materials

To do this project successfully, it is important to get all the needed materials before starting the activity. Two of the most essential materials for building a fiberglass box are fiberglass resin as well as a mat. In addition to these, you will also need a chop mat, a base primer and a paintbrush. Other materials that will be useful in this project are some body filler, fleece, wood saws and an angle grinder.


After gathering all the materials needed for this project, you can start with building the frame for the fiberglass box. Make sure that the sides of the box have equal measurements. Additionally, do not forget to allot space for placeholders for the ports, amplifiers as well as LCD screens. Above all, allocate areas for the wires. As soon as the frame was built, then the next step is to drape the fleece all over the sides of the box. To do this perfectly, start with the middle part of the box until all the sides of the box was covered.

After stretching the fleece over the sides of the box, mix the base primer and fiberglass resin. Use a paintbrush to spread a substantial amount of the mixture over the fleece. Get the mat and place it on top of the fleece. As soon as the mat was placed, get the paintbrush and cover the exposed area of the mat with fiberglass resin. Afterwards, cover the resin with body filler to strengthen the inner portion of the fiberglass box. In addition to strength, body filler is also necessary to thicken the box. Lastly, cover all the sides with attractive fabric like vinyl to add beauty to the fiberglass box.

Uses of Fiberglass Box

A fiberglass box has many uses aside from its usual function, which is to provide a nice space for the audio-visual equipment in homes and offices. This project can also be used to enhance the sound system in vehicles. Additionally, a fiberglass box can improve the aesthetic value of boats and yachts.

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