How to Build a Fish Tank

Buying an aquarium can be expensive but there’s no need for that if you can build a fish tank yourself knowing what you will need for a fully functional tank. With a little patience, you can make one exactly as you want it saving money.

Required Materials and Equipment

An aquarium
Thermometer (to help you monitor the temperature)
Fish food
Chemical additives (to remove chlorine in the water)
Air pumps

You can use real or artificial plants. The light colors, fish types and decors are all up to you. Just be sure that there is plenty of room in the aquarium to make everything fit in nicely.

Choosing the Right Location

Fully furnished the structure can weigh in over 200 lbs. So before you even begin to build a fish tank, select the location now. To be safe, place it against a wall for more support. If you will place it on a platform ensure that it is strong enough to carry the weight. Never place the structure near the window. Any direct exposure to the sun will result in algae growth. This will lead to high temperatures that can hurt the fish.

It is also a good idea to place them near electrical outlets. This will simplify installation of electrical chords. Take all safety precautions if you will use extension chords and power adapters.

Choosing the Right Water Filters

Another crucial point when trying to build a fish tank are the filters. Don’t buy “under gravel” or “box type” filters. These require too much maintenance and upkeep. Purchase the self contained apparatus instead. Unlike other models these do not spoil or dirty the water.

Selecting the Heaters

The slightest change in temperature can affect fish and plants. The amount you put in depends on how many gallons of water there are. A useful guide is to have 7 watts for every gallon. This will result in a consistent temperature.

Putting Everything in Place

Begin by placing in the gravel. Add the plants, and other trimmings. Put in the fish last. There are as many designs as there are fish types of course but here are a few tips. Give the fish plenty of space. It’s nice to have plants and trimmings but too much can congest the setting. To build a fish tank well, choose the colors carefully. Use different types of rocks but try to have their colors complement the plants and fish.

If you have colorful fishes, choose low key or similar shades for the plants and rocks. This will bring the fish colors into focus. A busy background will cause the fish to blend in.

Finally, remember to feed your fish regularly. Instructions will come in the package so follow it. Too much or too little food will have negative effects. It is also a good idea to periodically check and replace the water. Also perform checkups on the heaters, filter and power chords. Replace or repair if necessary.

Let your artistic side come out when you build a fish tank. It is sure to be an attention grabber by paying attention to the details, people will surely be amazed. and

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