How to Measure for Replacement Windows

Are you having problems with the windows in your house? Do you want to replace your windows to add beauty to the place? Are you planning to purchase replacement windows? Then be sure to choose the right windows in your places. Below are simple tips and easy steps on getting the appropriate window measurements.


Before proceeding with taking the measurements of old windows, it is important to know whether you really need to remove the window frame or it is okay to just replace the windows. It is best to retain the frame because not all home improvement shops sell all sizes of replacement windows. It may take some time to find a store that offers the size of the window frame that you need.

There are key elements that you should take a look at when taking the measurements for replacement windows, namely width, height, square and level. To assert the height, get a tape measure and check the height at the left, right and middle portion of the windows. When measuring the width, check the measurements at the top, bottom as well as middle portion of the windows. Do not forget to reduce half inch for each measurement. Before you decide to order for replacements, it is best to consult with professionals to make sure that you get the appropriate measurements.

Tips and Warnings

Knowing how to measure for replacement windows requires logic. As a reminder, it is important to talk with window manufactures about how you measure the windows since most of the time they adjust the dimensions to ensure that the replacements fit in the frame. If there are disparities in the width and height measurements, choose the smallest sizes.

To avoid getting wrong measurements, do not measure windows from the outside of the room. In addition, always use measuring tapes to get the dimensions of windows because old windows usually get warped and skewed through time. Do not hesitate to ask help or assistance from professionals or individuals who have ample understanding on getting the dimensions of windows to be assured that the window measurements are right. Know the purpose for purchasing replacement windows. If you want to replace the windows to save money and cut cooling and heating costs, look for replacements that are made from materials that have qualities that can enhance air ventilation in the area. Lastly, to add beauty to the place, choose windows that are made from high quality products.

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