How to Choose an E-Cigarette

E Cigarettes are quickly becoming a widely-used alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. The devices are not permitted to be marketed as smoking cessation devices by the FDA, and are not designed as such. Instead, electronic cigarettes are made to deliver vapor smoke consisting of nicotine in varied strengths, flavoring, and a vapor producing agent such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. The vapor produced by the e cigarette does not smell, produce second hand smoke, and as a result make it acceptable to use the devices in many places that traditional smoking is banned. A common dilemma for smokers that are looking to make the switch to vapor smoking, however, is trying to decide which of the many eSmoke products on the market that you should purchase to make the shift to vapor smoking.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an E Cigarette

#1 – Product Quality

A common mistake that new vapor smokers make, is not taking a hard look at the product quality for the e cig starter kit ultimately purchased. Most companies will state that their products are the highest quality on the market, but other facts to consider include customer feedback on required frequency of battery replacement, time of product usage before the battery must be changed, and number of puffs or length of time that a cartridge lasts. Premium e cig models such as the White Cloud E Cigarette detail testing of their products but the cost of the starter kit is significantly higher as a result. Others, such as the Knight Sticks E Cigarette, provide significantly less information, and see higher numbers of product complaints.

#2 – Starter Kit Cost

Many new vapor smokers will make the starter kit cost be the primary driver in their decision on what product to purchase. Unfortunately, when this is the only factor examined in a new vapor smoke purchase, the quality of the kit may be significantly lower as a result. Starter kit costs for vapor smoking can range from a free trial to the lower $200’s with a number of product models in between those figures in price. Another cost factor to take under consideration is the refill cartridge cost and equivalency to traditional packets of cigarettes. Although most e cigarette companies state that you will save in the thousands of dollars on their products, this does not necessarily hold true for some of the less-than-reputable products out there that over-charge for e liquid/cartridge refills.

#3 – Warranty or Money Back Guarantee

Major e cig companies that have developed a reputation for customer service and quality products will offer a 30 day money back guarantee and/or a product warranty. Others that market or sell sometimes inferior products will not make these offers, or will make it almost impossible to get a human on the phone to return a product or get a refund if not satisfied with the product. South Beach Smoke and Green Smoke are two major, American-based, e cig companies who offer both of these guarantees to customers at no extra charge.

#4 – Diversity of E Liquid Choices

Today’s vapor smoker can have just about any flavor imaginable as an e liquid option. Normally, companies who are becoming known for low-quality products will only have traditional tobacco and menthol e juice available with limited nicotine strengths. A major e cig manufacturer should offer a minimum of five flavor choices, and nicotine strengths equivalent to the different types of traditional tobacco cigarettes that you can buy at the store (non-filtered, regular, light, ultra-light, and 0 nicotine).

#5 – Product Reviews

When searching for an e cigarette starter kit to purchase, looking up a relevant electronic cigarette review on the company or model under consideration for purchase is a must. Many of the e cigarette scams to emerge on the market in the past several years have clearly had a number of complaints and scam reports made and easily discoverable on-line. Unfortunately, many consumers neglect the step of researching the product(s) they are purchasing in order to speed up the purchase process. Dissatisfaction can occur as a result, and you either spend more money on a different product or go back to traditional cigarette smoking.

#6 – Local Rules/Laws Governing E Cigarette Usage

Many electronic cigarette companies market their products as something that can be used “Anywhere.” Although this is true in some localities, many cities in the United States have made local ordinances treating vapor smoking the same as traditional cigarette smoking with respect to where the devices can be used to avoid confusion on the part of the public. Although the devices do not produce second-hand smoke, the cities who have made these rules/laws desire to couple their usage with traditional smoking. Customers should research the locality that the product will be used to make sure the e cig can be “vaped” when and where desired.

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