How to Cook Pinto Beans

Named after the pinto horse for its mottled skin, the pinto bean is a nice and simple ingredient, which people can use to cook delectable dishes. It is highly popular particularly in the northwestern parts of Mexico and in the U.S. A truly versatile ingredient, people can prepare it in so many different ways including refried, mashed or whole. Some of its highly popular varieties are the Maverick, Othello and Burke. Here is a quick take on two simple ways that people can use to learn how to cook pinto beans.

Pinto Bean Pie

Perfect for people who love to eat pies, this simple recipe makes the most out of the tender texture, pleasing aroma and ultra fine taste of pinto beans. The ingredients include 4-pieces of eggs, 2 2/3-cups of sugar and then 2-sticks of butter. To give the dish an ultra fine taste, prepare 1-tablespoon of vanilla, a cup of chopped pecans and a cup of coconut. Of course, do not forget a can of pinto beans, preferably one with at least 16-ounces.

In a nice clean container, melt the butter and then add the sugar. In a separate dish, try to beat the eggs well and then pour them directly on to the butter and sugar mixture. Get the beans and then mash them. Drain them first and then add them to the mix as well. Pour in the vanilla, pecans and add the coconut. Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.

Prepare at least 3-pieces of pie shells. Bake them inside a 300-degrees Fahrenheit oven for around 5 minutes. Take the shells out after that and then pour the mixture nice and slowly in each of the shells. Return the shells into the oven. Set is once again at 300-degrees Fahrenheit. Bake the pies for at least an hour.

Pinto Bean Casserole

Aside from pies, people can also use pinto beans to create sumptuous casseroles. The primary ingredients for this dish include 2-cans of pinto beans, a can of tomatoes and at least a pound of ground beef. Furthermore, prepare at least a tablespoon of pepper and a tablespoon of salt, together with 1-piece of chopped onion. To add more spice and flavor, bring a piece of chopped green pepper as well.

When all the right ingredients are at place, put a frying pan on top of a medium-heat stove. Cook the onion and ground beef for some time until the meat acquires a brownish color. Drain the oil and juices. After draining, simply add the pinto beans and tomatoes. Mix the ingredients together until all are blended well together. Get a nice clean casserole and then pour the mixture on it. Add a spoonful of corn bread mix on top of the dish. Set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake the casserole and wait until the top acquires a golden brown color. Allow the dish to cool down for some time and then serve.

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