How to Cook Pork Roast

Needed Items

The following are the items you need in cooking pork roast. You will need olive oil, salt, pepper, and a three to five pound pork loin roast. Of course, you’ll have to bring out your carving knives and a cooking thermometer.


Step One: The first step in cooking pork roast is to brown your meat. Consider the size of your pork roast. If you can fit it on the barbecue grill you have at home then grill it there. If that is not possible then you might have to use a large pan. The idea here is to brown your roast, which means you can use either equipment. Rub a sheen of olive oil that is not too thick.

Flavor your roast with salt and pepper before you commence to brown them, which is an important part of cooking pork roast. To ensure that you don’t burn anything by accident, you should brown your roast only on medium heat. Remove your pork roast from the grill if it has turned brown in color. The idea here is not to cook your roast.

Tip: Sometimes you’ll have problems browning the outside of your roasts. When that happens just coat the raw meat with olive oil and then season and then use a roasting pan on it.

Step Two:
The next step in cooking pork roast will require some work on your oven. Preheat it to 500 degrees Fahrenheit if ever you prefer to use raw pork roast. However, if you followed our first step you should set the temperature only at 375 degrees since your roast is already browned.

Place your roast in the pan if ever you grilled it to brown. Place your pan with the pork roast in it and then cook it for about ten minutes. When the first ten minutes are up you then lower the oven’s heat to a good 300 degrees. You then continue with cooking pork roast for about 45 minutes.

Step Three:
Keep checking your roast’s temperature all this time, which will be your way of telling if the pork roast is done. Once your roast’s internal temperature reaches about 155 degrees Fahrenheit it is now time to pull it out. Let your cooked pork roast stand for around 15 minutes. After which you may begin slicing your pork roast. Serve it on the table with your favorite choice of sauces.

That’s basically how cooking pork roast is done. It may require some work but the reward of a very fine meal after all that effort is worth enjoying your pork roast.

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