How to Cook Ribs in the Oven

Pork ribs are a favorite cut because if they are cooked right, they can come out as a tender and tasty dish. They make for delightful grilled and roasted dishes that will surely make your family dinners and even special get-togethers truly special.

Although rib dishes are nice to have at the dining table, cooking them can be somewhat tricky. You need to follow some guidelines according to your cooking method or kitchen equipment.

Learning how to cook ribs in the oven, however, make for a useful learning. That’s because using this coming method always create a very tasty result.

Ribs basically require slow cooking to be cooked evenly through and to make sure that they are tender. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Season your ribs. You can apply a dry rub (using dry seasonings like salt, pepper, herbs, and spices) or you may also use a marinade to flavor up your ribs. With a dry rub, you can put the ribs straight to the oven after applying. With the marinade, you have to submerge the meat in the mixture of seasonings for at least 15 minutes before you can start cooking in the oven.

Step 2: Next up, fill the bottom of your baking pan with ¼ inch of water. This will help create a steam to cook your meat evenly.

Step 3: Get an aluminum foil that is double the size of your baking sheet. Place it in the pan with enough hanging over to let you cover the meat.

Step 4: Place your seasoned ribs in the foil, meat side down.

Step 5: Form a tent of an aluminum foil over your ribs.

Step 6: Place the baking pan into a preheated oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave it for one hour with the foil enclosed.

Step 7: After one hour, unfold the foil to expose the ribs, raise the oven’s temperature at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and let it cook for 15 minutes more.

Step 8: When your meat is already slightly brown, you may take it out from the oven but wait for 5-10 minutes before serving. A couple of minutes resting will allow your meat to cook through and absorb all the juices so it is kept moist.

When cooking ribs in the oven, it is important that you know how to make sure the meat is cooked through but still keeping the meat moist and tender. Overcooked ribs will give you a dry result so make sure that you do not leave it for far too long.

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