How to Cook Snap Peas

Veggies are a nice way to eat healthy. They will give you all the nutrients the body needs to lessen your risks for certain disease while feeding it with fewer calories than you would get from meat and other simple carbohydrates.

It is nice to learn to cook veggie recipes for those who want go on a vegetarian diet or at least beef up their vegetables intake. Once you become comfortable with veggies, you will realize that they also make for delightful dishes, which you will love having over and over without getting bored.

One of the many vegetables that fit the bill is the snap pea. Snap peas are podded peas, which you ca eat in salads and stir-fries. They cook quite easily through blanching or boiling, steaming, and sautéing. The method to use on how to cook snap peas depends on what kind of recipe you are using them for.

Boil or Blanch: Put water in a pot. Put just enough to cover the amount of snap peas you are boiling or blanching. Boiling is almost similar to blanching. When boiling, you are putting your veggie or any ingredient in a pot of boiling water. That is also the same thing about blanching. Then again, the latter is often used on vegetables as they do not need too much soaking on the boiling water because you would want a tender-crisp outcome. As your water turns to a boil, you need to submerge your snap peas and leave it for around two to three minutes. Put them in a bowl submerged in ice cubes to stop the cooking process and maintain the peas’ tender-crisp texture.

Steam: Put water at the bottom of a pot. Wash your snap peas and put them in a steamer basket. Once the water boils, you may place your steamer basket on top of the boiling water. Make sure that the water does not reach your steamer basket. Place the lid on and leave the peas steaming for about two minutes.

Sauté: For tastier stir-fries or sautéed vegetables, use butter or olive oil instead of regular cooking oil. If you are using ingredients or veggies that require longer cooking time, sauté them first before you put the peas on. Snap peas will cook in three minutes the most so it is best that you put them towards the end of the process.

Cooking snap peas is easy. They are also very versatile food ingredients that can go well with just about any mix of other ingredients.

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