How to Cut a Faux Hawk

Compared to a Mohawk hairstyle, a faux hawk cut is more appealing and better looking. Furthermore, it is easier to carry in different occasions and very fashionable. Many fashion models sport it on the runway. Primarily, it gives people an edgy and classy look perfect for individuals with bold characters and personalities. For those who wish to know how to cut a faux hawk, this kind of hairstyle is very easy to make and takes very little time to accomplish.

Materials Needed

People who wish to learn how to cut a faux hawk need only a few simple materials to finish the job. A styling gel is very important to hold the style of hair in place. If there is none of it available, use other kinds of hair preparations such as styling wax or paste. Moreover, bring in a bristle brush as well as a fine comb for styling. At some point of the job, a hairspray may also come in very handy particularly in terms of styling the hair.


Although a faux hawk cut is applicable to people with short and long hair, it still works better for individuals who have long hair. Unlike a Mohawk cut, this one does not require shaving on the sides. Instead, cut or trim only small portions of hair at the sides of the head. For those who want this unique kind of cut, having hair that is both fine and soft is really an advantage.

Get some of the styling gel and then apply a significant amount of it at the sides of the head. Use fingertips to comb and scatter the styling product. This will hold the hairdo at the sides. Do not forget this all-important step. It gives the hairstyle enough character as well as style.

When the sides are finished, use the bristle brush to form a high ponytail. Use at least 2/3 of the hair on top to create the ponytail. The edges of the hair will then fall down in front of the face to create a hairline at some point in the forehead. Directly at the back of this ponytail, use the bottom parts of the top hair to form a second ponytail.

When the ponytails are done, form a volume of hair in front with a help of a comb with fine bristles. This step is also important because it will give the hairdo a high look that is quite visible. Brush the edges of the front hair to make them look backwards. To ensure that the standing hairs above do not fall down, get some bobby pins and then use them to hold the hairdo.

After the hairstyle is set, strengthen its form by reinforcing it with a strong hold kind of hairspray. Use the mirror to check each part of the hairdo. Look at the upper part, the back and the front if there are further enhancements needed. This kind of hairstyle goes perfectly well with rock and roll or punk clothing.

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