How to Cut Down a Tree

There is no doubt that trees are very important to society. People love to have some within their backyards. However, there are certain situations that call for the cutting of trees. For instance, a tree may hinder a path or block an important driveway. Sometimes, they pose potential hazards for everyone. In such cases, it is very important to know how to cut down a tree.

Important Materials

This particular task calls for a few easy-to-find materials. These include work gloves for hand safety. Safety glasses are also required to prevent wayward debris from hitting the eyes. For the actual cutting process, the chainsaw and pruning saw are very important. Bring in some rope as well as an orchard ladder for climbing purposes.


Tree cutting is not that hard. An orchard ladder is fit for this kind of job. It has a narrow profile that works well for this task. Get a rope and then use it to hold the supporting leg of the ladder. Tie it with the rungs. Begin cutting the uppermost part of the tree. Cut one branch after another. Do not hurry things up. Patience is needed for this task because it involves a lot of cutting.

To move to another area, simple position the orchard ladder in convenient spots. Do not compromise safety by reaching hard-to-reach points. Instead, draw the ladder closer to those spots and then cut them one by one. When the upper part is finished, it is now possible to use a regular ladder. Cut the remaining branches. Keep the sizes manageable to prevent any untoward accident. Tree chippers are of great help for this kind of task. However, those who cannot procure one will just have to cut one small part after another.

Stop cutting when the remainder of the tree is just 6 inches high. Using a saw for this part will not do the job. Instead, use a stump remover, which is an instant solution for this particular kind of problem. This will grind the remaining stump.

After successfully cutting a tree, let the various parts of the trees to dry out completely. People can turn of its barks into firewood. Furthermore, for faster disposal, they can pile these things up and then burn them right away.

Additional Tips and Information

Before starting with this particular job, use precautionary measures. Leather gloves are available to protect the hands. Likewise, there are safety goggles to protect the eyes from wayward debris. Additionally, use sharp saw for faster results. For very high trees, particularly those measuring 25 feet high or above, it is better to leave the job to professional tree removal services.

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