How to Cut Your Own Hair

By learning how to cut your own hair, numerous advantages can be enjoyed. Instead of wasting valuable time and money on beauty salons, this particular skill is doable even at the comforts of your home. Aside from saving time, money as well as effort in going to hair experts, doing this thing offers people the perfect opportunity to cut their hair the way they really want them to be.

Materials Needed

By learning how to cut your own hair, there is really no need to go out of your house. The primary tool for cutting hair is a pair of scissors. Things are much easier if there is salon scissors available. This kind of material is lightweight, sharp and can easily fit right into your hands. In addition to the scissors, be sure to bring in a bottle spray with water. Finally, get a nice clean drop cloth or towel for removing loose hairs from the cutting process.


Wash hair first before cutting. Dry with towel. When the hair is too dry for cutting, use the bottle spray to wet the hair a little bit until it is much easier to cut. Use a regular comb to straighten out the hair. Before cutting the hair, think first what you want your hair to look afterwards. There are two possible options. You can either trim your hair a little bit, or change your entire look radically.

After deciding, slowly cut through your hair. It is much better and easier if there is an oversized mirror in front of you. This will give a bigger perspective of your overall appearance. Likewise, you can also be in good control of your hair with the help of this particular tool. Little by little, use fingers to straight out the hair to cut. Do not speed up this step so as not to be disappointed with the possible results.

Check your hair out after every snip of the scissors. Make sure to remove the same amount of hair on both sides. Moreover, always cut in a straight and even line in order to achieve a more balanced look in the end. Be sure to finish one part before moving on to other parts. In order to see how your hair at the back looks like, get an extra mirror and then use it to reflect your image at the back with the help of the bigger mirror.

Additional Tips and Other Relevant Information

For first-timers, do not expect a too perfect result. Just like in other things, this particular skill takes time and practice to master. In case you cut the hair wrong, never worry too much as it will eventually grow back after some time. It is also very important to be relaxed and calm while cutting hair. Mistakes are bound to happen for people who easily get nervous while doing certain tasks. After finishing the haircut, put some styling products like gel or wash to emphasize your new look.

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