How to Cut Bangs

Visiting beauty salons can be very expensive. Likewise, hair treatments and haircuts can be costly as well. By learning how to cut bangs, people can save a lot of money. Furthermore, instead of spending lots of time away from home, anyone can easily do this simple task even at the comforts of home.

Materials Needed

There are only few materials needed to learn how to cut bangs. This simple task needs a mirror to be able to look at the different hair angles. A comb is also important especially in cutting hair. Of course, do not forget the sharp scissors, which is the primary tool for cutting.


The very first thing to do when learning how to cut bangs is to determine the length of hair to cut. Use the comb and straighten out the bangs to see the extent of hair. Grab the tips of the hairs upfront using the free hand. Twist them two or three times. This step is important because it can prevent making one straight cut, which look awful in adults.

Hold the scissors tightly with one hand while the other one holds the bangs. Slowly cut through the hair. Do the cutting little by little in order not to cut too much hair in the process. After getting the desired length of hair, dispose of the hair properly. A blow dryer may come in very handy at this point, which can be used in removing loose hairs.

Use the comb once again to hold the bangs down. Watch out for stray hairs and then cut them slowly for a cleaner look. If they are still a bit longer than expected, simply repeat the same process until the desired length is achieved.

Additional Tips and Information

Before cutting, be sure to dry the hair first. This will avoid cutting too much length. In addition, never cut too much. Instead, cut hair little by little until the desired length is achieved. Once cut, loose hairs can never be returned. It usually takes days or even weeks for hair to grow back. As much as possible, give the cut a little angle because cutting the hair too straight looks quite awful.

When the bangs grow back, simply do the same process to trim and maintain such beautiful look. Hair looks better when trimmed properly. Moreover, the use of styling agents can actually enhance the quality of hair as well as make it look better than usual.

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