How to Drive a Car

Learning how to drive a car can be a thrilling experience, especially for teens who have reached driving age. Driving a car carries many responsibilities. Learning how to drive a car is difficult and requires skill and competence. Cars can be a great commodity but can also cause life threatening accidents. It is best to remain safe and cautious at all times and not driving under the influence of alcohol or mind altering drugs.

There are two options when learning how to drive a car. You can learn how to drive a manual or an automatic vehicle. Manual cars are difficult for many persons. Getting accustomed to the feel of the clutch, brake and stick shift can be challenging. Automatic cars are powered by the brake and the gas pedal. The shifting of gears is completely automatic so there is no need to use a clutch or stick shift. Once the car has been put in drive it will move forward with a little nudge from the gas pedal.


Learning how to drive a car that is manual can be difficult for persons who are already accustomed to driving an automatic vehicle; now they will have to use both feet instead of just one. The best way to get accustomed to a manual car is to practice shifting gears while the car is not in motion. This will enable the learner to become familiar with different gears and to know how to shift to each one. The clutch needs to be depressed each time a gear is shifted.

Once a driver learns how to shift gears and handle the clutch they can proceed to drive. This is best done in a deserted area where there are no other cars or people. Starting a manual car requires that the gear stick be in the neutral position. The emergency break needs to be released. Put the car into first gear and release the clutch slowly. The car will then begin to move. Some persons press the gas slightly to egg the car on. If the driver removes their foot from the clutch too quickly the car will stall. If this happens the entire process will have to be restarted.

Once the driver has gotten the hang of this, driving will be easy. The gas pedal is pressed down to accelerate. When the car?s engine seems to have reached its peak, it is then time to change gears. Release the gas pedal, depress the clutch and change gears. The best time to change gears is when the car arrives as 3000 RPMs. When the car needs to be stopped, the driver can gradually press the brake and depress the clutch simultaneously; otherwise the car will stall, or shut down.

This is just the beginning of learning how to drive a car. There are other aspects of a manual vehicle that will need to be covered. There are many different driving schools locally and nationwide that teaches individuals how to drive a car.

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