How to Use a Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a portable cutting tool, which is a motorized version of a saw. It is widely used especially in logging activities like bucking, limbing and chopping down trees. Sometimes, it is used to create beautiful works of art referred to as chainsaw art. Most of the time, tree surgeons use it to help in cutting firebreaks to suppress wild land fire. Ordinarily, it comes in handy when removing branches and cutting unwanted trees. For those who want to learn how to use a chainsaw, here is a quick look at this moderately challenging task.


Although a chainsaw is a very useful item, it can be very risky and dangerous to use. If handled improperly, injuries as well as life-altering accidents are bound to happen. Before holding one, try to put yourself in a physically good condition. Start by wearing different kinds of safety gears including safety glasses, a hard hat and protective gloves.

Aside from these, it is also good to wear boots to help you maintain a proper balance. You should also wear earplugs to protect your sensitive eardrums from the noise produced by a running chainsaw. In terms of clothing, it is best not to wear lose clothes in order to prevent any kind of accident.

Before you use a chainsaw, be sure that there are no contained fuels found nearby. Based on reports, it is very much possible to ignite a fire by starting a chainsaw because it produces sparks. To be safe from this kind of problem, it is good to start it approximately 30 feet away from flammable materials. Likewise, be sure that there are no children around to help avoid any kind of accident. Before pulling the started cord, prepare yourself by setting the chainsaw firmly on the ground. Use your foot to hold it tightly in place.

Once you are in the right position, pull the starter cord up. Never pull at an angle because the cord will rub against the starter housing. It is possible for it to break. Before starting the chainsaw, be sure that nothing touches the chain. Always cut at a height that is lower than your shoulders. Using both hands, hold the machine firmly. For superior grip, the dominant hand must be positioned at the farthest back. In case you need to carry it to another place, shut it off first before walking with it. To prevent any inconvenience, it is good to bring an extra chain for replacement in case the one in use breaks.

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