How to Grow Grass

Grasses look very nice especially when taken care off properly. People grow them to make their surroundings more beautiful. Backyards look better when there are grasses all over the place. They can also serve as cushion over the soil, which is why numerous sports all over the world such as baseball, cricket and American football have grasses all over their fields. Instead of paying huge costs for professional services, people can save more money if they can learn how to grow grass.

Materials Needed

People can easily learn how to grow grass especially when they have the right materials and sufficient knowledge about this particular task. This job is very simple. It needs easy-to-find materials like straw, topsoil and metal rake. More importantly, purchasing the right grass seed is very much crucial in the overall success of this simple task. Likewise, prepare plenty of water, which plays a very huge role in the fast growth of grasses.


Find a nice space where to plant the seeds. Get the metal rake and then use it to work the soil up. Make sure that the soil is worked up properly to guarantee the nice growth of grass. Right on top of it, sprinkle the seeds all throughout the area. Step on it to even out the soil. After that, get the topsoil and then use it to cover the seeds. The coating must be light to make things much easier for the seeds to grow.

After a thin coat of topsoil, follow it up with straw. Be sure not to use hay as this may affect the result as well as the growth of the seeds. Cover all the areas with seeds. After completing these simple steps, water the soil regularly. In a day, water the seeds at least two to three times for faster results. When it rains, watering is no longer needed. Within a few weeks, grass sprouts are noticeable. Trim the grass according to preferred length. For nicer and uniform growth of grasses, people can use the lawnmower to trim them.

Additional Tips and Information

Be patient especially when learning how to grow grass. The results may not be evident after a day or two. Furthermore, this simple process may take weeks to accomplish. Despite this long interval, be sure to water the seeds regularly. Try watering them at least one in the morning and another before the evening comes. This will guarantee faster results.

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