How to Grow Sugar Crystals

It is very easy to learn how to grow sugar crystals. The procedure is simple and is very much like that of producing salt crystals. However, the former is much better than the latter because it results in a very yummy treat. Likewise, kids can easily use it as a competitive project for their science classes. Not only is the result delicious, but it can also earn children high scores as well as grades at school.

Materials Needed

Before starting with this particular task, it is first needed to gather all the important materials. These include 3-cups of sugar, oven mitts and a saucepan. A glass jar, a pencil and cotton string are needed as well. Furthermore, do not forget to bring in a paper clip, a stirring spoon and food coloring. In addition, prepare at least a cup of water.


The very first step in learning how to grow sugar crystals is to boil at least a cup of water. After that, get a clean glass jar and then pour in the boiled water. Add the three cups of sugar and then stir the mixture slowly. It is very important not to speed up this process as it may affect the result. Wait until the sugar stops dissolving and instead starts to settle at the bottom of the glass container. Carefully choose the right color. Simply add small amounts of food coloring, at least a couple or more drops.

Get a pencil and locate its center. Tie the string right at that point and then tie a paper clip at the opposite end of the string. Put the pencil lying at the top of the jar while the paper clip hangs on it. Set the string in a position that the paper clip almost reaches the lowest point of the glass jar. Put the jar in a place where it is most likely unlikely to be touched, moved or disturbed. Let it stand for at least 24 hours. Sugar crystals will form on the paper clip.

Additional Tips

To ensure the cleanliness of the sugar crystals, cover it with a paper towel before putting it away to dry. For those who cannot find a paper clip, they can use other alternatives like fishing weight or any other material where the crystals are likely to form. More importantly, make sure that the glass jar used for this project can withstand extremely hot temperature. Likewise, adult supervision is very important especially in the handling of boiling water.

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