How to Make a Water Rocket

Learning to make a water rocket isn’t that hard. There are many different methods you can use, but this is one of the easiest to do.

Required Tools and Materials

A couple of bottles (in this sample two 1250 ml are used)
Inflater or air pump
Tape measure
Pencil or pen

Preparing the Bottles

Wash the bottles first. Remove any labels on it. Make sure that any stickers or glue remnants are removed completely. Take one of the bottles and cut in three sections. Retain the top and mid segments. Cut some tape and use it to join the top and bottom portions.

Continue to make a water rocket by getting the second bottle. Cut more tape. Connect bottle 1’s mid segment with bottle 2’s upper portion.. Join them both.

Create the Fins

Get the cardboard. Draw a triangular shape on the surface. Use the scissors and cut along these lines. These need to be the same measurements. To be sure get four cardboard pieces. Set on top of one another. Trace the shape on the top piece and cut all four at the same time. This ensures you get four of equal size.

Get the bottle and set a mark where the fins will be placed. If needed use a tape measure to make sure they are aligned properly. Take the four fins and apply some glue. Set each one on the bottle firmly. Before you proceed to make a water rocket, let it dry.

Prepare for Launching

After the fins dry, pour water into the bottle. Take the air pump and put the air in. Set the atmospheric level pressure to about 75%. The object will project itself upwards.


When choosing the nozzles, two things need to be considered. The bigger the nozzle, the longer it will stay in the air. But a smaller type will let it go much higher.

Some use soap for increased velocity. This can help but sometimes it doesn’t. The air pressure you put in is more crucial. But take care not too put excessive air there. Too much and it can damage the bottle. When you make a water rocket stick to the 75%.

Always put on a mask when painting the bottle. If you don’t want to use paint, apply some stickers instead. It is much faster and easier. Draw something on your PC or paper and stick in on the bottle.


Keep a good distance from the bottle when putting air there. Although the chances are slim, it can explode if too much air is pumped in.

Never launch the rocket in a room. This can hit the roof or hit the lighting. It’s better to try this outdoors. Even then, choose an area where people don’t go to. Never aim it at people. Stay away from offices or nearby buildings.

Once you make a water rocket, constructing others for your friends will be easier. Now you can have fun and games and see how high it can go.

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