How to Make Plexiglass Windows

Plexiglass is technically not made of glass but plastic, thermoplastic to be precise. It is a good option to replace broken windows. Those who live in areas where the weather can easily damage glass windows will find it quite a good option. The only slight drawback is the additional cost it comes with.

Replacing your broken glass window with a plexiglass window will be easy. You won’t need any heavy equipment but just your regular hand tools. Here are the basic steps you need to know in order to replace your broken glass window with one made of this thermoplastic.

What You Will Need:

As stated earlier, you’ll only need basic hand tools in order to make a plexiglass window. You’ll need safety goggles, a tape measure, heavy gloves, a putty knife, plexiglass, a flathead screwdriver, a glazing compound, and glazing points. All of these can be bought at a home improvement store.

Tip: To make things a lot easier, measure out all the pieces of plexiglass thermoplastic you’ll be needing before going to the store. Once at the store, you can ask the personnel to cut the sheets in the sizes you measured. This eliminates any possible mistakes you might make if you are not used to cutting this type of thermoplastic.

First Step – Removing the Old Glass Window

Your first step in replacing your broken glass window is to remove it including all the broken pieces. Put on your goggles and protect your hands by using heavy gloves. You don’t have to remove the window sash if you don’t know how. Remember that you can always replace a broken pane without taking the sash off.

Carefully remove the glass window including every bit of shard you can find. Once all shards have been removed you’ll have the old glazing compound left on your window. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove this including the glazing points. Be careful not to damage the sash while doing so since it will still be used for your plexiglass window. If you find pieces that have gone rock hard you might need something like a chisel to remove the hardened parts.

Second Step – Get the Frame Ready

You can’t expect to get a perfect job every time when replacing your old window with a plexiglass window. Every bit of bare wood you find or damage you make in the initial process should be covered with a waterproof sealer. Allow it to dry and the get your plexiglass ready.

Third Step – Installing Your Plexiglass Window

When you order your plexiglass window pieces, you should measure them starting from the grooves all the way to the edges and then subtract an eighth of an inch from your measurements for the length and width. Apply a thin coat of glazing compound on the grooves where you’ll fix your plexiglass windows using a putty knife.

Remove the plastic covering both sides of your plexiglass and lay them on the grooves and press them down. Install glazing points on all sides of your window pane and push it into place. Repeat this until all four corners of your window have points on them.

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