How to Stop Radiator Leaks

Stopping radiator leaks from happening is part of good vehicle management. Below are some tips on preventing this from occurring and also why it happens.


Overheating occurs when the cooling system falters. This could be due to wear and tear or some other defect. When this happens, cooling is reduced. It also causes the radiator to leak.

Radiators are used by vehicles to generate heat. When they break down it could lead to serious problems. Fortunately you can fix this problem easily.

Required Tools and Materials

Ground black pepper
Duct tape


Look for the leak source. If it’s emanating from the hose, apply some duct tape over it. However the tape is good only for a week. For stopping radiator leaks completely, you must get a new hose.

If the leak is coming from the radiator itself, get a couple of teaspoons of ground black pepper. Take off the radiator and place the pepper in it.

When the water level is right, set the cap back on. This should stop the leak from continuing. Pepper works because it expands when hit by water. This keeps the leakage from spreading.


Bring pepper and water if you have frequent radiator problems. Of course the radiator must be fresh prior to putting in any pepper. If the problems persist, take the vehicle to a mechanic.

You can also use eggs instead of pepper. Application is pretty much the same as that of the pepper. Those who have tried stopping radiator leaks this way say it is also effective.

Keep in mind that the pepper or egg solutions are not permanent. These can prevent the leaks but may cause damage to the cooling system. They are merely stop gap measures until you can get a replacement. If you don’t want the radiator replaced, you can have it welded in a shop.

Inform the mechanic of the problem; where the leak is coming, when it started and what measures you took to repair it. The latter point is important when stopping radiator leaks. You might have done something that further damages the vehicle, so make sure he / she knows all the facts.

Buying Sealants

There are numerous sealants available today. Besides sealing, there are other factors you need to consider. The leak stopper must prevent rust, as that constitutes part of the problem. Second, complete lubrication of the system is necessary. The seal must also be permanent for stopping radiator leaks properly.

It should seal rapidly. Also make sure that it doesn’t actually damage the radiators. Some low quality leak stoppers actually clog the system causing more trouble. Finally, make sure it’s compatible with the anti-coolant.

Regular Checkup

The best way to prevent leaks is by taking good care of the vehicle. The various components should be checked regularly. This will prevent more serious damage from occurring. Drivers in particular should pay attention to the cooling system. As stated, it’s usually the root cause of the problem.

Even with utmost care, problems will eventually arise. But now that you know the ways of stopping radiator leaks, these can be resolved easily.

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