How to Repair a Fiberglass Hull on Boats

The hull is one of the most important parts of a boat. Its main purpose is to give buoyancy. Although it is made up of a highly durable material such as fiberglass, wear and tear can still affect the overall condition of marine vehicles. After some time, things usually break down. This can consequently lead to lower performance and reliability. In order to solve these problems, it is best to learn how to repair a fiberglass hull on boats.

Materials Needed

People need a few important materials if they wish to know how to repair a fiberglass hull on boats. One of these things is the fiberglass repair kit, which is basically comprised of a gel coat, catalyst, resin and fabric. Additionally, this task also needs safety glasses, sandpaper and a pair of scissors. Likewise, be sure to bring paste wax, paste wax and sandpaper. Other important tools and materials are polyvinyl alcohol, de-waxing solvent and Formica. To ensure your safety, wearing a dust mask or respirator can really help.


When learning how to repair a fiberglass hull on boats, the very first important thing to do is to determine the parts that need repair. After finding them, work on them one by one. Cut and take out the damaged part as well as the areas surrounding it. To do this, simply cut out 12 inches longer than the diameter of the damaged part. As much as possible, do this step right from the inside.

The next thing to do is to remove the wax from the boat. This is not hard to do. Get the de-waxing solvent then use it to take the wax off the hole, both on the outside and inside parts. After this, use a disk grinder to smooth out the edges. In support of this step, get the sandpaper and then use it as well to improve the texture of the area.

Get the paste wax and apply a coat of it generously on the outer part of the area to be repaired. Be sure not to put on the edges. Measure and cut a piece of Formica. Its size must be a bit bigger and enough to cover the hole. Put polyvinyl alcohol on the Formica. After that, tape it right onto the outer part of the hull. This will serve as a backer.

Get the fiberglass repair kit. Take out a piece of fiberglass fabric and then cut it an inch bigger than the hole. This particular step may require several layers to complete. Next thing to do is to put the catalyst as well as the resin. From the outer part of the hull, apply a gel coat on the Formica backing either by spraying or by painting.

Right into the gel coat, install three layers of fabric and mat. The last piece of mat must be an inch bigger. Use resin for this. Additionally, use polyvinyl alcohol to finish off and seal the last layer. Take the Formica backing off and then use gel coat to fix the imperfections.

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