How to Install a Dishwasher

Installing a dishwasher necessitates some basic experience with wiring and plumbing. If you have some knowledge in this regard, the installation process will be quite straightforward.

Required Tools and Materials

T fitting
Teflon tape
Electric drills
Dishwasher connection kit
Wrenches (adjustable)
Drain and supply tubes

Make Space

The first step is to find space for it. Most dishwashers fit in a 24” wide space below the countertop. Next, make sure that access to hot water is close by. The drainpipe and wiring below the sink must also be nearby. When you are installing a dishwasher, these elements need to be connected to the device.

Setting up the Dishwasher

Follow the user guide for setting up the dishwasher. Different models might have different setup procedures. Follow the directions. If necessary, measure the space and slide the dishwasher into place; this is for testing only. If it fits, take it out.

Drilling and Adding Components

Get the driller. Make a 3 inch hole inside the cabinet wall. This is the one that is separating the dishwasher from the space below the sink. Get the hose and connect it to the dishwasher. This will come with a hose clamp. If the dishwasher doesn’t come with a hose, you can buy one in the store.

The next step to installing a dishwasher is linking the water supply line. This has to be connected to the input valve. The connectors are called compression fittings.

Connecting the Electrical Wiring

Use the wire nuts to fasten the electrical wires around the junction box. Black must be set to black, white to white and green to green. Put the dishwasher in the space you tested earlier.

Put all the electrical wirings in the proper places. Take the drain tube and water supply tube. Attach them to the sink drain. This should be beneath the sink. If needed, shim the dishwasher.

Testing the Dishwasher

Fasten the mounting screws on the underside of the cabinet. You’ll need at least two screws. Turn on the dishwasher. Look for any leaks. If there are, tighten the connections.


Installing a dishwasher may require plumbing. Turn off the water supply and empty the line. Set the T fitting along with the supply pipe and note where the pipe will be installed. Slice the section you marked. Put the T fitting there. The output should be facing the dishwasher. Fasten the hex nuts, and it’s done.

Tips and Warnings

Some prefer to put Teflon tape on the compression fitting threads prior to securing them. This can prevent drips from occurring. Don’t tighten the fitting too much as this will cause damage. Put a piece of plywood in the area where the dishwasher will be placed. This will shield the floor from damage.

Be careful when you handle the electrical wirings. Follow the instructions and make sure your hands are dry before handling any wires.

Installing a dishwasher isn’t as complex as it seems. By following the user manual and these guidelines, the process won’t take too long to complete.

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