How to Repair Tree Bark

Here are the tips to follow to repair tree bark that has been badly damaged by natural or unknown sources:

First, you need to get a strapping tape or duct tape and that separated portion of the tree’s bark that has been dislodged or removed.

Second, be sure to work fast. You won’t want that part of the tree not to be useful anymore. So, you need to put it back into place with the use of the tape to make it hold strongly on the tree. Those types of tape that were mentioned are the only ones you need to use since these can hold firmly in any kind of condition. Even if the part where the bark was dislodged is a bit moist, you can be assured that you can place the bark back without having to worry that it would fall off immediately.

, you need to write down that date when it was damaged and fixed. Typically, it takes about three months for the tree to heal. But if this isn’t the case, you may need to add a new piece of tape to the area and take note of its healing again for another three months. If the healing is right on time, don’t forget to remove that strapping tape or duct tape. You need to do this so the tape wouldn’t hamper its growth after the damaged area has healed completely.

But what if the tree that you are to repair has lost its bark? What do you have to do now?

In understanding how to repair tree bark that has been lost, you need to have a razor blade or utility knife. With that, you have to cut the edges of the damaged area in a straight line to promote healing. In time, you would notice that this manner of cutting will form a protective seal of the area.

Another thing to remember is to cut the damaged area and shape it into an eye socket which has a broader middle and tapered ends. This prevents insects not to hide in between the folds or underneath the injured area.

Just like how important the healing time is when you repair a tree bark that has been dislodged, you need to take note of the healing time for this type of damage, too.

Making sure that you know and understand the extent of the damage will show you what you need to do to learn how to repair tree bark appropriately.

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