How to Tie a Sarong

Do you have a beautiful sarong at home as a gift from someone? If you do, you probably would like to learn how to tie a sarong.

Sure, you know that a sarong has numerous uses. When you have one, you can actually use it as a towel to dry yourself up, a beach blanket to snuggle up to when you are sunbathing, or as a wonderful way to cover yourself up while strolling around the beach.

But how to tie a sarong? That seems to be a question of many just like you.

Not everyone is knowledgeable in how to tie a sarong especially if you have not owned one before. So, that’s all right.

But don’t leave yourself in the dark.

Here are a few steps in different styles to get you started learning how to tie a sarong on your own

To Make a Tie Skirt:

First, wear your sarong at your waist level. Your hands should be holding two ends of the sarong as you step in front of it.

Now, you need to pull the two ends forward. Tie these together around your waist. Knot them at your hip.

To Make a Wrap Skirt:

Wear your swimsuit. A two-piece bathing suit would be most appropriate for this. Wrap your sarong around you at waist level.

After that, pull the ends and tuck one end under your swimsuit. Be sure that it is on the opposite side. If you are afraid that your sarong won’t hold, secure the end with a pin.

Next, pull the other end of the sarong across your belly at the opposite hip. Fold that end with the fabric and make sure that it is just below your belly button.

Now, you need to make three pleats about four inches and decrease to around two inches. Fold into your waistband.

To Make a Halter Dress:

One of the usual ways that make people want to learn how to tie a sarong is because they want to learn how to make a halter dress out of it.

The steps are also simple just like the other ways in using a sarong.

Just like the other ways, you need to pull the ends evenly in front of you – making sure that your upper back is covered. Tie them across your chest.
Now, there should still be loose ends. Those should be brought over your shoulders and tied behind your back.

These three procedures are the most usual ways in learning how to tie a sarong. So, choose what you like best, and start learning the steps.

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