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There are many reasons to make a flyer; the most popular however would be for advertising purposes. When starting to make a flyer you may opt for simple or elaborate designs or you may not know in what direction you are headed. For those who just want to create one time flyers then it is best that you draw your flyer or hire an artist to draw it. You may also use your windows PC or your Mac which have programs that create flyers or you may download free templates available on-line. If however, you have decided to mass produce flyers then it is best to purchase software if your business does not have an artist to create the designs by hand. These software programs help with overall creativity and produce your product in less time than it would take to do so by hand.

Making a hand drawn flyer

It is important to gather all your materials. You will need colored pencils or pencil crayons, rulers, an eraser and cartridge or blank paper. When you have completed your design, if you decide to mass produce it you should scan the original design into your computer and print as many copies as you would like. Making a hand drawn poster has some charm to it but the same ideas can be put into a computer programme to produce your end product at a much faster rate.

Making a flyer on your computer

Users with a Windows PC may use Microsoft Publisher to make a flyer. Microsoft Publisher has templates available to guide you and it also gives you the option of creating your own flyer from scratch without using templates.
Users with a Mac can create their templates via the word processor program on their computer. In this program you can select a flyer template by clicking on ?Pages?. You can then go on to select specific templates suited to your needs.

Making a flyer for mass production via software design

If you choose to use a software program to create your design then this should be a long term investment where you would use the software regularly for this purpose, rather than a one time job. Flyer design software can be pretty expensive and is not worth it for a one off project.

Adobe InDesign is a design software also used to create flyers. It is versatile, having the ability to create magazines and layout publications. This software is available in over 20 languages such as; English, French, Italian and Spanish to name a few. You may learn more about this product at:

Quark is also a design software application, except it is the collective name given to various quark design products. These quark products are available at: where you can download a free60 day test drive of QuarkXpress8 and a free QuarkXpress8.5 (updater) offers software for a flyer creator where you can download a free trial and test their product.

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